TV presenter and General producer of the channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki commented on the accusations of harrasment to the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov, noting that he touched the knees. She also called him a friend.

“Touch me Venediktov for the knees? Yes. Venediktov even told me that it is not necessary to grow a big ass, and I never felt, in his words, hidden insinuations. Laughed and said that’s too much like exercise. What Venediktov told me I need to eat better. Every time we laugh at Alex, in what form I am: lost, recovered, where to move, etc.,” wrote Kandelaki in his Telegram.

She noted that 20 years together with Venediktov, make friends with them, they support each other.

"I protested,": Venediktov was accused of harassment

“as a teaser I will say that the Lesya Ryabtseva in Israel had the honor to even be me. Something stores Prada and MiuMiu I basically never noticed. Alesha has a favorite shop in the airport of tel Aviv, which sells simple and authentic decoration. He is generous and buys all the familiar girls, girls, children and mothers of these girls. I say this, as a daughter, the owner of a jewelry and mother-the owner of the jewelry,” she said.

Kandelaki has noticed that before occurrence of the movement #meetoo “a hug never was the reason for the charges”, and the tactility of the sixties “is inherent in all resinosa generation.”

“to a campfire with a guitar, listen to songs and all – embracing, to drink to someone’s health, is a part of life in a generation of people who even could not imagine that a woman can be regarded posited his arm as harassment,” said Kandelaki.

According to her, Venediktov “has always supported the” girls and all young.

“He helped a lot of people to make a career and if I want to list them myself. And it is in the nature Venediktov, not in beauty, and the forms of young maidens. Boy ivy who is still working at the radio station, because I think no one gave it to fire, one of dozens of examples. I know how much non-public philanthropy behind Alesha. We have not yet learned to speak proudly. Now, bi-Bi-si decided to make him the Roger Isles. But I know that Alex is as Isles, as far as I Claire underwood,” wrote Kandelaki.

Earlier, the former press Secretary Bulk Anna Veduta accused Venediktov of harassment. According to her, the incident occurred after dinner in 2012.

Venediktov rejected accusations.

“As I recall, she lived with her parents. You have everything in order – I tried to meet her parents?! Absolutely not tried pop��be home, it’s not peculiar to me. To get home – well, it’s fu”, he said.