every year in our country of veterans of the war are fewer, but those that are alive, a new generation of bureaucrats trying to keep in shape.

Yuri Kremnev is a participant of the great Patriotic war according to the Federal law “On veterans”, letter “e”, subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 of article 2. Belong to this category including military personnel, “took part in combat operations on liquidation of the nationalist underground in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from 1 January 1944 to 31 December 1951”.

– Dad served in the Baltics, where there was fighting with the “forest brothers”. Help from the archives of the Ministry of defence confirmed that he was more than two months participated in the fighting – said the son of veteran lawyer Valery Kremnev.

Actually, all these facts are in on upfr do not dispute, however, the resident of Petrovsk announced that the payment of 50 thousand rubles he did as the workers in the rear. But a lump sum as a participant in the war, as we are assured in upfr, he has no right.

In the framework of the implementation of the decree of persons with disabilities and war veterans are not the citizens who took part in the fighting which occurred after 1945, argues in response to the veteran head on Petrovsky upfr Natalia Sudeva.

Open the decree of the President of N100 from 07.02.2020 and see there is something opposite in meaning to the message of the chief upfr. According to the decree all the participants of war specified in subparagraphs 1-3 paragraph 1 article 2 law “On veterans”, provides for the payment of 75 thousand rubles, about any exceptions not stated.

Surprisingly, a similar story occurs for the first time. Two years ago employees of Petrovsky upfr has already denied the jury Kremnevu in one lump sum, then it was 10 thousand rubles, to the anniversary of the Victory. In the explanation of the leadership of the local units of the Pension Fund put forward the same arguments, saying that Yuri was involved in combat operations since 1945. The veteran had to go to court. The court of the right of the pensioner defended, ordered the Pension Fund to pay him 10 thousand rubles. The court decision says that on Peter’s management of the Pension Fund does not have the “right’s expansive interpretation” of the presidential decree and legal grounds the denial of the veteran payments were not. Saratov regional court the decision adopted.

as a result, In 2018 and in the following year, Yuri A. lump-sum payment may 9 received. However, when the 75th anniversary of the victory of the President issued a new decree on the management of the FIU was again having trouble understanding the meaning of the document.

– the father Himself to prove anything to anyone you wouldn’t, he has already proved with his life. Well, I’m a lawyer, I can make a claim, but what others haveprivateers of the war? Maybe, on this count, and officials hope that will not be the veterans to go through the courts? – asks Valery Kremnev.

Apparently, Yuri A. Kremnev do not only a veteran, which incorrectly calculated lump-sum cash payment on the 75th anniversary of the Victory, in any case, in the Saratov region. As in the regional office of the FIU the position of Peter’s colleagues share, despite defeat in court for a similar case.

– to Claim the payment in amount of 75 thousand rubles in this case, only those veterans who participated in the events during the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, not equal to them, – said the correspondent “RG” in branch PFR across the Saratov region.

still no substantiation of its position the officials can not lead.

the Author asks to consider this publication an official appeal to the FIU and the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. Ask to find out what the right number of participants in the war to receive a lump sum to the 75th anniversary of the Victory have been violated, and to restore justice.