a 40-year-old singer Anna Semenovich has repeatedly recognized that the chest is almost a direct source of income. She said that was not always the owner of such magnificent size.

The owner of such forms of luxury shocked fans with the news that she once even had the ninth breast size, but it had to be reduced. Anna admitted that suffers from gigantomastia, causing her Breasts constantly increasing. This became especially noticeable when S. became part of the group “Brilliant”.

Anna began her career not with music, but with classes in figure skating. In youth she even won high-profile titles. For example, Sobyanin was the silver medalist of the championship of Russia on figure skating. Then it was difficult to predict that Anna will stop and go into music. And it was even more difficult to believe that S. one day be the owner of a fifth of the size of your Breasts, not to mention the ninth.

And now Semenovich decided to recall the old days and share archival of baby the. The singer showed what she was in early childhood, still just fascinated by figure skating. Hard to guess who is depicted in the picture: the little girl is not more than 10 years, poses in a swimsuit, and it is hardly possible to find similarities with the current Anna.

“And then there was the chest. I can not believe”, — signed photo of the mayor.


At age 21, Anna has suffered a serious injury, and she had to leave skating. That’s when she started singing, and the magnificent bust of the actress became her calling card. Many believed that Anna had boob job and put in implants. But the artist admitted that he had not appealed to the surgeons, but the magnificent bust is the result of gigantomastia.