Pandemic coronavirus remains the special situation of international importance. To such conclusion participants of the meeting of the emergency Committee of the world health organization.

They came to the conclusion that the coronavirus will remain in populations for a long time, RIA Novosti reported.

At the same time, representatives of the countries who expressed appreciation for the efforts to combat coronavirus. And stressed the need to consolidate efforts for the solution of this problem.

According to the latest data, in the world of coronavirus has infected more than 17.3 million people, more than 675 thousand of them died.

Earlier, the who representative in Russia, Melita Vujnović ,assessing the prospects of the second wave of the virus, said ,”Rossiyskaya Gazeta” that the decline in new cases of coronavirus is not due to the natural course of the epidemic, and through the use of comprehensive measures of public health and thanks to the responsible people who abide by these measures, despite the fact that it’s not easy.” Even with the steady decline of cases in a specific region or country, you need to continue to identify and test all suspected cases, isolate and treat confirmed cases and trace their contacts, and quarantine. These measures are fundamental to prevent local transmission of the virus. Also need to continue to observe the basic rules of hygiene and respiratory etiquette; physical distancing; to protect medical staff from infection, good hygiene in medical institutions, regardless of whether they accept patients with COVID-19 or not; and to maintain the readiness of the health system for the reception and treatment of new cases,” – said Vujnović.

In fact, everyone is responsible, and the more people know about the virus (how it spreads) and adapt their behavior to make themselves, their families and society more secure, the higher the likelihood that we can prevent and control the second and possible subsequent waves, she said. “If we can control individual cases, they will not develop into a new flash. Scientists around the world every day to learn new facts about the virus, develops good practice and knowledge about vulnerabilities in response the actions taken in recent months, so has a good chance to prevent a repetition of what happened in the first half of the year and to gain time,” added Vujnović.