the Centre of Saint-Petersburg. Ulitsa Malaya Sadovaya. In April there appeared a spontaneous memorial with the names of workers who died during the pandemic.

Now construction fence hanging 83 photos. Opposite is the building of the health Committee.

there is always a lot of people. No one is indifferent. Run past and don’t stop. Many people come here specifically to honor the memory of, put flowers to attach to the wall medical mask is a scarce attribute in the beginning of the epidemic.

History of the memorial wall for a few months became a symbol of St. Petersburg.

What was behind the opening of the memorial why some plaques remain without photos and how officials react to the appearance of new names in the list of victims — in the article “MK”.

the Wall of memory of victims of physicians during the epidemic appeared spontaneously. She is the Creator — Irina Maslova. The woman has nothing to do with medicine.

memorial physicians appeared spontaneous, not thought-out project, and the beginning of Irina Maslova. Is my own stubbornness and desire to achieve justice. To prove that the city has history. Petersburg remembers what helped him to survive during the siege, to experience the grief of the crashed plane and the terrorist attack in the subway. People know that will help the city to survive and to survive on, even after these losses.

Today on the memorial wall — the names of the 83 physicians. Among them are doctors, nurses, orderlies, drivers “first aid”.

— People whose names we brought in our list, — an irreparable loss. First med (medical University them. Akademika Pavlova) gave us on the wall of all their dead professors. When I hung up plaques of these doctors, stopped next to an elderly woman. Looked at one photo, “God, I began to work with him”. On the wall of memory — the doctors who helped, taught, thanks to which there are such talented boys like Dima Yarovoy. The guy was only 33 years. A talented ophthalmologist, saved the eyesight of a huge number of patients. To the wall of remembrance come to those to whom he gave sight, bring jars of jam and honey, because the boy loved sweet.

“If the photos will be removed, come and hang again”

Irina Maslova remember the names of all doctors whose names are embossed on the plates.

— remember it? They’re my… — says the interviewee.

the History of memorial began on April 26. Then in St. Petersburg, according to official data, announced the number of victims from kovida 27 people.

— had already appeared in the list of the victims of doctors who were themselves physicians. I opened the list, literally ripped into him, began to choose their own, St. Petersburg. “Pulled” the nine names and surnames. Scared. If the first 27 patients who died in St. Petersburg for physicians who will treat my grandchildren I? Cowed after all, ever end.

Irina printed names-the first names of deceased doctors. Nine names. And only two pictures. More could not be found. The portraits of the two doctors signed. The names of the other seven were placed under the pictures of the angels.

that day I came to Malaya Sadovaya. Pedestrian street, tiny and beautiful, there is always a lot of people. Had to figure out where to attach the photos or what they leaned against. Noticed the construction fence. Behind him in the reconstruction is the building where during the siege were broadcast, hence the inhabitants of the city on the Neva got to lead from the front, the radio announced an air alarm. Here on this strange fence I attached the pictures.

the Place was chosen by chance?

— the memory Wall located opposite the Windows of the health Committee.

it turns Out that the employees of the Ministry of the Windows looking at the memory Board?

— Say, look. Have to ask them. However, the Vice-Governor Oleg Ergashev more than a week ago mentioned that he first heard about the memorial. I have just a question: Oleg, are you really from 27 April did not come to the health Committee? Not to notice the memorial wall on Small Garden is unthinkable.

at First Irina was afraid. Understood that without the approval of the city authorities the memorial was able to carry at any time.

When I the first day, April 27, hung up signs, I saw two policemen, who were heading in my direction. To avoid excesses, quickly left the street. Later a friend of the journalist Galina Artemenko — the only one I asked for support, he sent me the photo: a policeman stands in front of the plates and removes the memory Board. Then I asked: “What will you do if the night will clean it up?” I said, “Come and hang again.”

the memorial did not demolish.

Irina came to the Small Garden almost every day. Often not alone, with a friend, the St. Petersburg journalist. Explains: one painful and hard.

Signs with names of dead doctors added.

— At some point I realized that the press services of various agencies, including the Governor, to actively monitor the emergence of new signs — continues the interviewee. I remember one day we hung up four pictures. On the same day, the press service of the Governor reported that the mayor personally called the families of these dead physicians and expressed condolences.

Where to look for the data on the lost?

— Collected bit by bit. First on social networks. Colleagues doctors wrote on their pages: “Today we went to the doctor, the bright memory”. It has become a little easier to find. Respond to colleagues, friends, relatives of those who left. I understand the city has suffered greater losses than we know. Someone from relatives of the dead do not know, kubut to tell someone not ready to make public, for some it is a sore subject. There are still some who deliberately tries to conceal the death of the physicians. Once slipped information that the clinic Railways of St. Petersburg died two nurses. Name one called. Information about the second woman, we couldn’t find. Even journalists could not get through to their press office. This is my personal pain, when there is a name, a person’s age, and the photos are not. Like unknown soldiers. But the name is a real person, a doctor, around which people live, with someone he worked with, he has a family, I’m not sure. So wrong. After the incident, I broke into a press conference the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg. I explained the situation. Announced the names of the doctors, whose pictures are not found. I promised to help. Later I received a reply: the chief doctors have to contact the families of the victims, to give permission because this information confidential. Recently I was contacted by the granddaughter of the deceased driver of “ambulance” were called by the husband of one of the nurses who worked in the antenatal clinic. They handed over photos of loved ones. With any of these people, the doctors at the request of the Vice Governor had not been contacted.

— Not all hospitals publish the obituaries?

— the majority of hospitals do not post obituaries.

— didn’t ask why?

— Who will answer me? Notice that in Moscow more openness in this regard. For example, your capital 52-I hospital honestly publishes on its website how many patients with kovida received, checked out, how many on a ventilator, they render thanks to the volunteers. We have no such. And it is a tragedy of the city. At the beginning of the epidemic from the St. Petersburg Botkin hospital fired the doctor. Thus, it has been a hard sign to medics: you guys shut up, all fire and trample. But now people are afraid to remain without work. Dismissed even by those for whom medicine was a calling. I know of several talented physicians, fourth, fifth generation of physicians who are willing to leave the profession. They just say, “fuck It, can’t, don’t want to. I don’t need anyone, neither the state nor officials. If I die, my family will not receive compensation.” Physicians see their colleagues hand over, betray the legacy, “throw” those who are loved and respected.

“City cannot be cut, as money”

many families of victims Irina became friends. They meet, talk on the phone.

On the wall hang two portraits Lapinig — father and son (traumatologist Alexander Lapin died at the age of 68 years; his son, who also worked as a trauma surgeon, Konstantin Lapin, has passed away at age 35. — Auth.). I’m friends with his youngest son Alexander, he is a talented resuscitator in the ambulance pulls out from the world a hopeless�� patients. His younger sister is also studying to be a medic. We keep in touch with the family of the late Marina Fedorova. This woman was x-ray laboratory to the clinic Nevsky district. She is survived by her 7 children and 8 grandchildren. Close now beat that mother presumed dead from kovida. I also made friends with the daughter of Vladimir Markovich, Katya. Recently she called me, crying, that they refused to pay. Then I published a post on the social network.

the Post Irina Maslova for the day has viewed 3.5 thousand people, the people have made thousands of shares.

From the post: “One of the first on the memory wall there was a plate of Mankovich Vladimir Samuilovich, 67, physician operations division of the City ambulance station of Saint Petersburg… the President awarded him posthumously the order of the Pirogov among the 17 victims of doctors who helped patients with coronavirus infection. Documents for compensation filed and was considered by some Committee. And then came the answer: “payment denied”.

I posted a post not only on themselves but also on the official page of our Governor in the social network. I have previously left a review, when asked to support the memorial. Then no reaction has followed. But after the post about Mankovich I just “banned”, — Irina continues. However later with the daughter of the deceased doctor contacted, has proved that it not so understand it, compensation promised to pay. It happened that we turned the tide. But unless so should be? People have lost a loved one and then have to run to collect papers to prove that they are not for gain require payments. Yeah, maybe not all doctors have died from infection, but on our memory wall has all the names of the people who were gone during the epidemic. We do not divide physicians into “right” and “wrong”. At Piskarevsky cemetery where mass graves of victims of the siege of Leningrad, the dead is not divided into those who died from hunger, some from bullets, some from explosions. This is the total losses of the city. And now. The virus does not choose who to kill and how. Whether a doctor, nurse, or cleaner at the ambulance station. The virus anyway, it is stupid.

— Many regions still beat payments to health care providers.

— unfortunately. The other day I meet with physicians who have not received payments due to illness. They put on 300 thousand rubles. They wrote to the administration of the Governor, sends a request to the President, but their complaints are hung in some offices. Will try to break through the wall. The doctor is not obliged to risk their lives. He only has one. So don’t take it. Peter strong people and ability of the people to support each other, care for the weak. Our city cannot be destroyed and cut it like money. Heard that now in St. Petersburg do not have enough doctors. On a city ambulance in resuscitation b��ihade the work of three people — a driver, a paramedic and a medic. A simple “fast” already go on two — one driver and one paramedic or doctor. More people are not.

“the Wall live their lives”

the memory Wall on Small Garden every day becoming wider. The townspeople come here before work and after, bring flowers, leave medical masks, gloves — something that was lacking in the beginning of the epidemic.

— the First two medical mask appeared at the beginning of the creation of the memorial, — Irina remembers. Apparently, someone passed by and put your own. These masks still hang, shaking in the wind. Over time, masks became larger, they leave the words of gratitude, somewhere one can read: “with love,” “dear mummy”. The tragedy brought together the citizens of St. Petersburg. The same officers nearby café to help us to care for your memorial, give us a watering can, water to water the flowers. The other day I was approached by an elderly woman: “my patients wrote thanks to Dima Yarovoy, he did us operation that saved the lives vision. You can hang it on the wall?” She handed me a sheet of paper in a file so its not filled with rain. The next day I printed this gratitude on a special plate to make it longer preserved. Now colleagues of the victims of the doctors themselves bring pictures of dead and hung on the wall.

the memorial is carved from a plywood figure of a medic. Irina still didn’t know who made it and installed it.

one day I put 10 new plates, and then I had a serious nervous breakdown. Then Kaliningrad has opened the border, I went to a friend’s. I had to breathe, to look at the sea, — says the interlocutor. — Behind the wall of memory continued to look after colleagues of the victims of doctors. They sent me a report, sent photos from the scene. Suddenly I noticed in one picture that the wall, someone put up the plywood with the image of the medic. Don’t know who did it. Now it is an integral part of the memorial. Such things say that the wall live their lives. She’s still alive.

it turns Out that the doctors help you to care for your memorial?

— Yes. For example, there are several doctors retired, who came up to me recently and handed it to bill, “Can we give you money for flowers you buy”. I promised to send them checks. They were surprised: “No, are you talking about?” Recently the guys from Tosno, where he died two physician, bought their money trees in pots, brought eight huge bouquets.

— do You often come on Small Garden?

Two or three times a week. It is surprising that I am talking to you and not scream out in pain. Perhaps tired. Usually get emotional, I start to cry when talking on this subject. In recent years, often frustrated. For example, Reva, because still can’t find ��otografia Marina Dubrovskaya from the hospital RZD unable to learn anything about the second nurse from the same hospital is my personal trouble. I do not believe what I find. There is another outrageous story. In the memory list appeared the name of the surgeon, he was listed as the Deputy chief physician of the St. Petersburg hospitals. But there’s no hospital rooms, no photograph of a person. Information about this man can’t find local journalists. But its the name of someone who made a list of memory — colleagues, friends, relatives. There is also the doctor close. Please, do not be silent, do not turn in their grief. It is necessary not dead, it must be alive. I will continue to collect all data on the dead doctors bit by bit. These people must not forget.

Why are you doing this?

I want the families of the victims helped. To the daughter of Mankovich Kate hired a nurse mom to the wife of the deceased obstetrician-gynecologist was able to raise two sons and to erect a monument to her husband, to the daughter of a large family who lost a mother, fulfilled his dream and enrolled in medical school — the tuition is paid, but the girl really wants to study there.

the St. Petersburg Football team “Zenit” supported the founding Board memory. Now the athletes go on the pitch in t-shirts with photos and names of dead doctors. Data on deceased physicians gave them Irina Maslova.