the son of the regiment and the young partisans, the children of besieged Leningrad and underage prisoners of Auschwitz, daughter of the anti-fascist heroes, and the high school, replacing at the factory of the machine who went to war and older brother – they and their peers became the heroes of the photo exhibition “Children of war” at the Moscow Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill.

This unique collection of photographs and documents from museums and private collections of Russia, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, China became available in the international children’s day, all Internet users on the Museum website.

Photo and eyewitness accounts tell of how the Teens worked in factories and in the field, helping the front. Here the materials about the exploits of a young guerrilla, the underground, the boys, who were at the front and become the pupils of infantry, artillery, tank units and ship’s boys in the ship crews.

the organizers of the exhibition were able to find and clearly present photographs and original documents about the children of anti-fascists who managed to bring the Soviet Union (and thus save) from Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria. Many of them were brought up in the Ivanovo international children’s home that is now openly telling the remaining photos.

Special and, perhaps, the most difficult topic – the fate of children in the occupied territories. The tragic fate of Khatyn (Belarus) and Hatsune (Bryansk oblast), along with their parents shared and the smallest. The war unleashed by the Nazis did not spare anyone. The Germans in the occupied territories, hundreds of thousands of young citizens were killed in concentration camps were victims of medical experiments, died from overwork.

Racial theory of Nazism were deprived of many right to life only because of origin. Several sections of the exhibition dedicated to Jewish and Gypsy children, as well as those who saved them, risking their own lives. The exhibition includes the story of the Nanjing tragedy, where victims of the Japanese aggressors were more than 300 thousand Chinese people, including minors.