Anna Nicole Smith (real name Vickie Lynn Hogan) was born November 28, 1967 in Houston in the family before dad left-mom and the working officer. In 17 years, the future star got married for the first time, gave birth to a son and shortly thereafter divorced. With a little work a cashier and waitress, she went to Houston had a boob job to a size 42 DD and became a stripper.

On the new work Anna Nicole Smith met billionaire Howard Marshall. In parallel, she began her career as a model, appearing in ads for the brand Guess, and in 1993 became the playmate of the year Playboy magazine. In 1994, 26-year-old woman married 89-year-old Marshall, who died a year later. For 12 years thereafter, she sued the son of Marshall for the state of the deceased.

During litigation, she met her third husband, lawyer Howard K. stern, he helped her to fight for the inheritance.

In the 2000s, Smith received his own program, “Shows Anna Nicole”, started acting in films, TV series, and speak out against violence against animals.

At the same time Smith has faced serious problems with excess weight – with the growth of 180 centimeters its weight in the early 2000s, reached hundreds of kilograms, she began to annually fall in the ratings of the most tasteless dressed celebrities.

8 Feb 2007 the maid found Smith unconscious in the room Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. The bodyguard did Smith artificial respiration and heart massage. Later she was taken to the medical center where she died.

The room Smith police found drugs and medications, and her younger sister suggested that death may be drug-related. An autopsy revealed that Anna Nicole was suffering from a severe and advanced form of pneumonia. She was taking analgesics and antidepressants that only made the situation worse.

The media still discuss the version of the murder Smith. On one of them, her stern husband and her doctor Christine Eroshevich colluded and supplied Smith with powerful drugs to increase her dependency and to bring to ruin.