The third hospital network RZD Medicine joined the patients with COVID 19

In Moscow on the basis of road clinical hospital named after N. And. Semashko in the Lublin district, a member of the network of “Russian Railways-Health”, opened coronavirus hospital.

the Mayor called the redevelopment of the clinic is very important and timely decision, and also thanked the physicians who agreed to treat patients with COVID-19.

According to the decision of JSC “RZD” approved by the Russian Government and the Moscow Government, coronavirus hospitals deployed in major railway hospitals capital.

the First of them was opened on April 11 at the hospital on the Road outside. For hospitalization of patients with COVID-19 deployed 240 beds, including 16 intensive care. The second appeared on April 13 at the Central clinical hospital “Railways-Medicine” on the Volokolamsk highway, it is designed for 400 beds, including 22 intensive care. The third hospital will accept patients on 17 April, there will be 550 beds, including 40 intensive care. It will open on the basis of road clinical hospital named after N. And. Semashko in the Lublin district.

In the three coronavirus hospitals “RZD-Medicine” there are 1190 beds, including 78 intensive care. 395 beds provided with oxygen supply system, there is also a 64 machine for artificial lung ventilation (ALV). Treatment will be free, it will be possible to pass on the CHI program. Patients will enroll here in a General manner by ambulance.

In the railway hospital in Lublin for the treatment of patients with coronavirus redesigned two corps therapeutic and surgical. From 13th to 16th of April there were carried out a complex of necessary works. Housing equipped with medical gas supply systems, installed new decontamination stations (gateways), which prevent the spread of infection. The ground to the septum from a surgical to other buildings. Arranged the “clean” and “dirty” areas, installed showers for staff, made separate entrances for the reception and discharge of patients. In a clean area equipped ordinatorskaya and places for recreation and temporary accommodation of staff. In addition, built a hangar for handling ambulances.

the Director of the hospital “Railways-Medicine” named after N. And. Semashko Andrew Yavisya noted that in the treatment of patients with coronavirus will also use the experience of foreign colleagues.

In the hospital there are rooms for computer tomography and x-ray with modern equipment.

For purchased all the necessary medicines, including antiviral and antibacterial agents, disinfectants, antiseptics and personal protective equipment.

Patients will be accommodated in comfortable rooms, equipped with individual bathrooms and an oxygen hoses, they obespechit specialized balanced diet.

the hospital staff — 527 872 doctors and nurses.

“I Want to thank you for the support package of doctors, because the measures taken by Sergei Semenovich, — additional payments — unprecedented. This is very important — caring about each person, each resident of Moscow,” said Oleg Belozerov.

On April 16, for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection in Moscow has branches in the 36 Federal, city and private hospitals.

preparations for the deployment of hospitals in several buildings of the Federal, municipal and private hospitals.

In the settlement Voronovo ends with the construction of a new infectious diseases hospital with 500 beds expandable to 900.

Nurses working directly with patients with coronavirus infection, will receive additional payments. Doctors put 70 thousand per month, the average medical personnel — about 50 thousand rubles, Junior medical staff and other employees — 30 thousand rubles.