The state Duma has determined the new date of the end of world war II

According to the document, Russia has introduced a new day of military glory September 3 – the day of the end of the Second world war (1945), simultaneously abolishes the current memorable date of September 2.

Photo: TASS the defense Ministry has declassified documents about the liberation of the Austrian capital

– the Soviet Union’s Victory over Japan in 1945, made a decisive contribution to ending the Second world war – said in the explanatory note the authors. They were made by the head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov and state Duma Deputy Georgy Karlov and senators Grigory Karasin and Mikhail Kozlov.

In 1945 September 3, it was recognized in the USSR state holiday – Day of Victory over Japan. However, in 1947, this day was work, and eventually forgotten as a holiday, said the authors.

Setting 3 September as the day of the end of world war II, according to the deputies, symbolizes “the transition from war to peace, the search for ways of peaceful coexistence and cooperation.”

the New rules are aimed at strengthening the foundations of historic and Patriotic traditions, and the preservation of historical justice, indicated in the accompanying documents.