The insolvency of, worse Schufa score because of the EC card and much more: In this article we summarize the most important consumer topics of the week for you.

Whether it’s Aldi, Lidl, Rewe or Kaufland: the supermarkets, discounters and drugstores are constant companions for most Germans – be it for large weekend shopping or for a quick snack during the lunch break. Product recalls or production stops are therefore very relevant for many. The same also applies to company insolvencies or important innovations at Sparkasse and Co. In this article we inform you about the most important innovations, changes and all other events that affect German consumers.

The once popular online shop has to file for bankruptcy. Since no investor could be found for the company, the company was forced to take this drastic step. More on the subject:

Many German banks are preparing to end EC and credit cards. The successor: the new debit card. According to research, the changeover brings an unexpected disadvantage for many bank customers.

The crisis-ridden British online furniture retailer is threatened with insolvency. Most recently, no new orders were even accepted in the group’s online shop. The details:

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof is insolvent for the second time in a very short time. In order to be able to maintain operations, a third of the branches are now to close.

For many, the fireworks on New Year’s Eve are almost as important as celebrating with friends and family. However, German environmental aid is now demanding that the fireworks be completely abolished. You can find out why here.

Consumers should keep their eyes open when buying a new car. Many manufacturers reserve the right to increase sales prices a few months after the order is placed. This becomes a problem, especially with long waiting times.

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