this warning was made by the chief adviser to the British government on medicine Chris witty. Grim prophecy expert on epidemics, which is Professor uitti, unlikely to be taken skeptically. All the calculations of scientists to prove that such a scenario is more than plausible. The spread of the second wave of coronavirus, according to the calculations of virologists, will be more rapid than what we have today. With such a dangerous prospect is highly recommended not to rush to exit from quarantine and to keep the epidemic under control next month.

In the online lectures at Gresham College, Chris witty said that the level of reproduction of the virus – the so-called number of “R” – should be below one. This means that each infected person can pass it on to less than one other person. At a press conference held on Thursday, Professor whitty said that today the number of “R” in the UK is approximately from 0.6 to 0.9.

“We have to make sure that the number of “R” does not exceed unity. Because if it exceeds the unit, Britain will be in the second wave. This second wave is likely to be much more severe than the first. Each country is experiencing an extremely difficult choice, and we must all honestly admit that there is no simple solution. COVID-19 is very far from complete, and its eradication is technically impossible for this disease.”

the conclusion from the above suggests itself: hasty quarantine removal and return to “normal” life – even if it seems that success in the eradication of the epidemic – can result in “a Pyrrhic victory”. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the old Russian proverb: seven times measure – cut once.