to Do more than was done to save the person had deserved the gallows, it is impossible. Hess was still alive when the loop is instantly removed. Direct massage of heart, but so energetic that he broke a couple ribs. His personal nurse, massage therapist conducted all sorts of manipulation and not to give many years of patient to leave on their own. Ambulance took the body, not a corpse, to England. There are over Hess conjured the best doctors several hours fighting for the life of him, at the instigation of which were brutally killed millions. But no…

Spandau Prison, in order not to turn it into a cult place for young followers of Hess, wiped off the face of the earth. The urn was given to the relatives who first betrayed her land on the family plot, and then after years the ashes secretly scattered.

He was a violent fascist. Hitler believed in one of the first. Sit with him in the next cell after the failed Munich beer hall putsch of 1923. The prison resembled a sanatorium. During long walks Adolf had told the roommate Rudolph ideas, turning a fascist cult ABC called “Mein Kampf”. The name was invented by Hess. He also edited and used in the book of minutes of conversations with Hitler.

Worship, even love Adolf was such that perhaps the prison has outgrown and physical intimacy. And the scent, and what else, feeling the dog’s loyalty, Hitler was lifted up, up and above that of their heathen and came up with the treatment of “Fuhrer”. The second man of the Reich, Rudolf Hess was the ancestor of all the nasty anti-human ideas, with him or without him present on a silver platter to Hitler.

whether it was without the permission of the Fuhrer to fly out of the barred cage of Germany in her war with England? It seems to be a rhetorical question, but what is causing the controversy. Well, that Messerschmitt ready to fly, a few days waiting for Hess at the airport? Or isn’t it odd that Hess has twice postponed the departure, once even took to the air and immediately came back. Are all Nazi service so missed “unauthorized” flight of Hess to Britain?

on may 10, 1941 Hess made it to the island, ejected, surrendered and demanded a meeting with the Duke of Hamilton. Why not with Prime Minister Churchill? No, that a deal with the Reich-Nazis would never have gone. But the Duke was known to a certain inclination well-disposed to estimate the Nazis and their Fuhrer. With him Hess for her beloved Adolf could agree. To stop the war that Britain at the time led with the Reich virtually alone. To draw a weapon against a common hated enemy – the USSR. Maybe to sit on the Royal throne acceptable to some Britons and Nazis his man.

Popular in the world sweet tale: tothe king Edward VIII gave up the throne, preferring to Windsor Palace and marriage to twice divorced American woman, which was contrary to all the rules of morganatic. What kind of nobility. And what is a lie. Edward mired ties with the Germans. Met in Berlin with his mistress, Mrs. Wallace Simpson with Hitler. They führer was well aware of each other. Reached almost to the arms.

But in the UK the deal suddenly for Hess (and almost certainly for the führer) was rejected. Don’t know if shorn-trimmed Hess, but planted for sure. And Hitler only remained to declare the head of his party colleague friend or even anyone else for him was Rudy, he did it gessick, insane.

Hess has preparino to England on may 10. And already 18.05.1941 head of the Soviet foreign intelligence Phytin acquainted with “Message from the London residency,” N 338. In a pretty detailed “help” of the Soviet spy Kim Philby reported details about the visit the Nazis N 2 at Albion. Then the story about the correspondence between Hess and Lord Hamilton, and, more intriguingly, details of the interrogations of messenger Berlin, and a detailed list of persons who visited Hess already in custody. Many of them are high-ranking in the direction of the Reich with the hope pulledaway.

In the last year of the war another member of the so-called Cambridge five major counterintelligence and distant Royal relative of sir Anthony blunt was involved in the whirlwind raised by Hess. Edward’s successor king George V, the exact opposite of his older brother, repeatedly sent blunt in a secret trip to occupied by allied troops Germany. Formally, the Keeper of the Royal galleries blunt was interested in the paintings. There is another explanation. Sir Anthony was trying to find the correspondence of the British upper nobility with the leaders of the Nazis. At this point: blunt and the Soviet foreign intelligence service agreed never to touch a delicate subject. But maybe those trips and saved blunt from arrest.

This source can not be trusted. Father, was sent to Nuremberg from “Soviet information Bureau”, told me: when sentencing 24 main Nazi war criminals all in the hall, and not only Soviet, gasped. Hess was acquitted on two of the four charges. But those two was more than enough for making an unconditional sentence of hanging. Hess got a life sentence.

Dad told me that almost the whole process Hess only occasionally shot black glasses. Simulated total madness. However gave to understand, and it seemed to have realized that the Nazi idea of refuses and remains loyal to the Fuhrer.

the Rope at him crying, not even crying – crying.

In Spandau prison in the British sector of West Berlin was kept seven of the Nazi leaders.

Hess immediately tried to show which of the seven condemned�� in prison the owner. Each was assigned a number from 1 to 7, which was launched on clothing. At the first round Hess reached out to set N to 1.

the commandant of the prison was immediately put in his place by giving him a set at number 7. This provoked the joy of the inmates. Five mortally hated Hess, one spared, and Rudolf insulted everyone. It is not surprising, because in this Nazi von Hess looked like a real hyena.

He refused to work, yelled at the guard. Often imitated bouts of pain are not believed, even his former associates.

None of the Nazis in the prison, with its initially strict and then resort conditions not died.

the Six were released into the wild, and since 1966, Hess was the only Nazi leader who was sentenced to Spandau.