South Korea is faced with a new surge of the pandemic.

After defeating the pandemic about which the President of South Korea, moon Jae-In said in mid-April, the authorities were forced to re-tighten restrictive measures, however, is only in Seoul. All clubs and entertainment venues were closed until 7 June, after may 9 there were recorded 40 new cases. Source distribution COVID-19 became infected with the coronavirus was a young man who, by breaking the isolation, visited several places of entertainment. Introducing new restrictions, the mayor of Seoul expressed regret over the fact that “the imprudence” of individuals can create problems for many citizens.

which has Become to the world an example of effective measures to counter COVID-19 South Korea suddenly “lost his legs” in his victorious March.

After three weeks of tranquillity, when the country was daily recorded less than ten new cases of infection, may 9, the number of infections jumped to 40 people — the highest since April 12. Half of all new cases occur in Seoul, in addition, several people were infected in the provinces of Gyeonggi-do, Chunchon-Do and Gangwon-do in the third populous city of Incheon.

the Source of the coronavirus is a 29-year-old young man from the city of Enina (Gyeonggi province), who, knowing that he was infected, came to the capital to have fun and on the night of 2 may called for as many as five Nightclubs and bars of Seoul.

As reported by the city authorities on the results of the investigation, the total number of visitors of these institutions amounted to 1936 people. The situation is complicated by the fact that among the visitors were residents of the second largest population in the country of Busan, and other regions that went home, not knowing that could be infected with a coronavirus.

hot On the heels managed to find only 637 people. The rest did not respond to sent them a SMS with a call not to leave the house and urgently need to contact quarantine services to take the test on COVID-19. This means that the may day night in Seoul may have delayed negative consequences for the whole country.

In connection with the incident, the mayor of Seoul Park Won soon at an emergency press briefing said that the city authorities are forced to close all the clubs and entertainment until 7 June.

“From this moment on released ban meetings for all the clubs, dance and artistic venues, salons and other entertainment venues, they should stop the activity, violators will be issued a substantial fine,” said Park Won-soon.

the mayor also expressed regret that “the imprudence” of individuals can l��fight time to undo all the efforts to combat the pandemic. In this regard, the mayor of Seoul has urged citizens to adhere strictly to introduced in the country from may 6 instead of quarantine, social distancing, and recalled that on the return to the old life before the pandemic COVID-19, speech does not go yet.

as of may 11, in South Korea recorded 10,84 thousand cases of infection COVID-19, with 88% of the patients had recovered. May 6, the country has a mode of “social distance in daily life”, focusing on prevention. Thus, industrial enterprises, public facilities, schools and preschool institutions resumed work.

His assessment of the recent rollback in the fight against the pandemic, and gave the President moon Jae-In, speaking in connection with the third anniversary of its official inauguration on may 10, 2017.

However, he also noted that the authorities completely supervise a situation and to return to the regime of rigid quarantine in a national scale of the question.

“no Reason to freeze in fear, no. Our system of epidemic prevention and quarantine will be able to fully control the spread of the virus,” said moon Jae-In, confirming readiness to act quickly in the event of any force majeure situation.

Sergey Strokan