Residents of Samara staged a flash mob in support of Tula “nurses in bikinis” Nadezhda Zhukova.

Residents tried on protective suits in which physicians work with patients with coronavirus. The number of participants admitted that just a few minutes in protective suits they became unbearably hot.

“this suit is almost unbearable, very hot, the glasses fogged up. And if we work to carry out their activities need even more difficult. So huge respect and respect to doctors”, – quotes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the words of a participant of the flash mob Leonid Koshman.


Residents of Samara has decided to support the nurse from Tula and undressed in the framework of the flash mob✔ be in a suit even in a swimsuit quite easy. Even breathing become more difficult, – quotes the words of a participant of the flash mob channel media! It is also known that pictures in the same outfit appeared in social networks. Residents of Samara posed in protective suits over the top of the bottoms and swimwear in the background of the courts, and even hospitals. The photos were signed by the hashtag #perekupschikov of. #Tula #тула71 #Russia #myvote #doctors #stopmanager #support #thanks #tula #tula71 #liketime #instalike #lactim the #of saimnieciba #subscription #ravitailler #novosti_tula

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Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the media has published a photograph of nurses of the infectious hospital in Tula Nadezhda Zhukova.


Decided to support the nurse from Tula, which was reprimanded for she wore a protective suit over your swimsuit as these costumes are hot. #of perekupschikov #tulsatechfest Friends and not HOT! Husband every workday pants in these costumes, rides in the heat in the car for one hour. The important thing is not what wearing a medic, the main thing-mission!

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She went to the ward to patients in a transparent protective suit, under which was only a swimsuit. Photos of “nurse in a bikini” instantly became viral. The girl explained his action by the fact that the suit was too hot. Opinions on the outfit nurses were divided: the hospital employee made the remark, while Internet users and colleagues rose to her defense.