The inhabitants of Russia under the pretext of quarantine in hospitals refuse to perform abortions. Doctors complained the couple, who in a crisis caused by a coronavirus, lost his job.

Muscovite told the publication “Free press” that appealed to gynecologists to conduct an abortion as soon as she learned that she was pregnant. The family already has one child, but due to the job loss of the spouse was afraid to give birth to a second. “In the public clinic a referral for abortion I refused to give,” complained Anna (girl’s name changed).

According to her, the doctor straight text said that abortion during a pandemic MLA is almost impossible, as all elective surgery cancelled and abortion just refers to those.

“the Gynecologist in the antenatal clinic said that because of the epidemic to terminate the pregnancy decided many women. Most families lost their jobs, and even if they were ready for a child, now forced to postpone this idea until better times”, — transfers words of the medic Muscovite. Abortion she eventually did private clinic.

The girl said that under the pretext of a pandemic, the state holds protivozanosnoy policy in the country. “I want to raise the demographics for women and during an outbreak gave birth. Who will then support these women and children, is not very clear” — asks a frustrated mom.

Muscovite was supported by the Fund “SIFEM Alternatives”. His activist Ayten Yakubov believes that even after the abolition of isolation and quarantine measures authorities will try to keep restrictions to abortion in the compulsory health insurance system to raise the demographics of the country. “We are afraid that the virus will end, but restrictions remain. The consequences of those restrictions that are there now, and so will last for decades: after all, children will grow up in families that never wanted them,” — said Yakubov. Associate of the crisis center for women “INGO” Diana Ramazanova advises women on reception at the gynecologist ask the doctor a written explanation why deny abortion, and also to find out from the insurance company where they conduct such operations in terms of quarantine and to contact the doctors of these hospitals.

In early may the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has advocated for a moratorium on abortion during a pandemic coronavirus. They said that such surgery may contribute to the spread of infection.