Producer Olesya Sazykina, who worked with humorist Garik Kharlamov in 2003, was surprised that he spent eight years married to actress Christine Asmus. Sazykina explained in an interview “the Fifth channel” why the news about the collapse of family relations artists was not a great surprise for her.

According to the producer, Kharlamov is different from “bad character” was manifested that he “grumbled all the time”, or “pinned,” and he believed everything. In addition, Kharlamov was always late for two hours, which was thwarted not alone shooting.

as for Asmus, it gives the impression of “good-girl” with “egg rod,” said Sazykina, noting that the person with the actress she doesn’t know. The producer stressed that Asmus Garik has withdrawn from the family.

According to the producer, the comedian lived with his first wife Julia Leshchenko “happily ever after and happily ever after”, and then “was a little girl, Christina, who ruined everything.” “Boomerang Here it is in eight years has paid off,” said Sazykin.

in addition, she reported that in the early 2000-ies of Kharlamov was in a relationship with a future at that time a soloist of the group SEREBRO, Olga Seryabkina. With her he was introduced then it Sazykina.

Kharlamov and Asmus announced the divorce after eight years of marriage through accounts of Instagram in the afternoon of 22 June. The actress explained that by this decision the couple came about a year ago. Kharlamov, in turn, stressed that it’s not in the scandalous film “Text,” in which his wife starred in a candid scene, and not in pandemic coronavirus. There’s also no guilt and any third party.

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