The producer compared the composition to a good wine, the taste of which is revealed over the years.

Now Russians perceive a piece of music as a holiday. This was announced by Joseph Prigozhin in an interview with the radio station “Moscow Speaks”.

” The song is talented, the people who wrote it are also talented, years have passed, and this song has become perceived as a holiday. This, of course, is not the New Year and not March 8, but we are involuntarily waiting for it. When September 3 approaches, we immediately remember it. This song is a celebration of autumn, the velvet season.”

According to Prigozhin, the composition was created in a creative tandem, and this also explains its wide popularity.

“This song was written a long time ago, it’s like a good wine that turned out to be delicious, cute, soft and tender. Now they write songs, but before they were born. People sat down, talked to each other, there was a creative tandem. And this song was written in this tandem in the 90s.”

The song “September 3″ was first performed by Mikhail Shufutinsky in 1993, but it gained national popularity later. The author of the music is the composer Igor Krutoy, the poems are by the musician Igor Nikolaev.

How Shufutinsky blows up social networks on the third of September

Earlier, the Ministry of Culture responded to a petition to ban the hit. Signatures under such an appeal to the Legislative Assembly were collected in St. Petersburg.

The creator of the appeal, Alina Sergeeva, wanted to ban the song of Mikhail Shufutinsky at the legislative level, because ” from year to year on September 3, the song of the same name sounds everywhere, and the social network feeds are filled with pictures, stickers, memes and jokes on the topic.”

“Even federal TV channels and major news agencies do not ignore this day. How long can you tolerate this and admire the “mountain ash bonfires” and “calendar sheet”, – the website quotes the woman