This project was an unplanned continuation of the action #Myvote. Carrying out the orders of seniors for the delivery of commodities and congratulating the veterans on Victory Day, volunteers sometimes faced by the elderly living in outright poverty. Their money is tight enough for medications and the cheapest products. How to make at least a minimum fixation can not be considered.

thus was born the idea of “the hardy boys 2.0”. The point is that on their own and at their own expense to improve the living conditions of needy elderly. Now volunteers tidy apartment Galina. The days will begin work in the apartment where I live 98-year-old veteran with a 70-year-old daughter. Here it will be necessary not only to make repairs, but to buy furniture for a kitchen and a washing machine – the old woman wash hands in the basin that at their age, of course, a disgrace.

These old men, barely getting by tips and in need of support in St. Petersburg a lot. Now the volunteers form an address database and at the same time find out who than can help. Someone is willing to perform electrical work, someone- to share materials, to contribute money, just to tidy up, mend the clothes, wash the Windows. And then it was useful that draft #Myvote gathered people of different professions and social statuses.

One of the most active volunteers – Anastasia Kindzerskaya. Among the volunteers, it is reputed a man who could quickly and sensibly to organize any business – the effect of twelve years of experience in logistics.

Maybe that Anastasia gave impetus to the campaign for the delivery of food and medicine degenerated into a long-term project to help the needy elderly. Anyway, she is at the time, learning about the old woman from Vasilievsky island, which has broken the bed, immediately organized a fundraiser among the volunteers. After a few hours with my grandmother in the room did have a new bed. Inspired by how easy and simple it is to do good deeds, volunteers now and then help a senior citizen pay for food, medicine, tea kettle, a hot plate, a wheelchair.

Even before the pandemic coronavirus I made the decision to move to another city, closer to their parents. Sent a container with things, and she was planning to go on the car, but did not – declared a self-imposed isolation. Spent two weeks at home, as recommended by the authorities, and realized that it can no longer sit idle. The income is passive (I’m part owner of an investment company), the work does not take much time. Was tested for COVID-19, test is negative. Decided to take part in the volunteer movement #Myvesta, – says Anastasia. – Started working on applications from St. Petersburg citizens over the age of 65 years. Was originally attached to Vasilievsky island, ��about understand that guys in our area are very active to catch the application has not always succeeded. He began to travel around St. Petersburg, at the same time to get better acquainted with the city.

Then we began to receive requests from the social services and food Bank “Rus” – to help with transportation charity food parcels. I began to actively cooperate with them, and with me, hundreds of volunteers from different areas.

For all the time work was able to help a huge number of needy – were transported free food sets for large families and pensioners, is the most rewarding part of the population. Children gave us their drawings, their I have a whole collection, it is very touching to receive such appreciation.

on the Eve of Victory Day, we were invited to help congratulate the participants of the great Patriotic war and those who survived the siege of Leningrad. Volunteers once again joined forces. It was the most amazing part of our work – we cried and laughed together with the veterans, very happy that many of them were able to accept congratulations. Everyone wanted to tell their story, and it’s so nice to hear from the horse’s mouth.

Some veterans we are prevented from working at the computer. And someone didn’t hear the phone because vacuumed. We would have 95!

Met and quite lonely veterans, each took under his own care, will visit whenever possible. Often, they want attention, not just to get products or medications.

unfortunately, both my grandfathers died in the war, and their history I know only from the words of relatives. They lived in villages when they called, they even have photos wasn’t Helping… now old people, including myself pay tribute to the memory of their grandfathers who did not know.

participation in the project #Myvote – my first volunteer experience. And it’s amazing! For me, every day is a great happiness. There is no doubt that now I’m going to do volunteering and charity work. Even when you move to another city will continue to support the wonderful children of St. Petersburg, at his own expense repair apartments of lonely old men. And you are already thinking of volunteer projects that will come to life in a new place. To help – great! And to organize the process – this I know.

a single reference line for issues related to mers in Saint-Petersburg: 122.

to Leave the application to receive volunteer help by phone 8-800-200-34-11, and with the help of mobile applications “onf.Help.”

the Information service system of social protection of population of St. Petersburg: (812) 241-20-57.

hotline city volunteers in St. Petersburg: (812) 245-32-20.