doctors of the Centre Almazov in St. Petersburg conducted a rare surgery, the patient is set in the heart of the Titan pump, it pumps the blood from the left ventricle directly into the aorta, the press service of the health facilities.

in fact, when a patient from Orenburg only went to the doctors because of heart problems, no one thought it will end up such a complex operation.

About two years ago ORENBURGA was diagnosed with heart failure, it arose on the background of dilated cardiomypathy. At the beginning of the year, the health in men has deteriorated dramatically, he was hospitalized in one of city hospitals. But the patient became ill with community-acquired pneumonia. The disease, which is not so bad healthy people, represented for men in grave danger. Orenburg doctors began to consult with colleagues from other institutions. The Almazov centre has agreed to accept a difficult patient.

the Man was brought to St. Petersburg aboard the aircraft. Examination showed that the patient required a heart transplant, ORENBURGA included in the waiting list.

But in the situation again intervened community-acquired pneumonia, the patient got sick of it again, the left chamber of the heart has become worse to shrink, the blood pressure fell. The patient is connected to ecmo machine. The status of men has stabilized, the right chambers of the heart worked well, but because of the pandemic, it was unclear how much the patient will have to wait for a donor heart. And wait for you.

was the alternative – the artificial heart. But the patient had problems with the aorta.

Then, in the Almazov Centre decided to install the patient artificial heart, but the titanium pump, which pumped blood from the left ventricle into the aorta. The patient also installed a valve that would prevent reverse blood flow.

the Patient is in intensive care, but doctors say he is recovering.

the Pump is powered by a portable battery, it periodically needs to be recharged. And anyway, the doctors say that all of this equipment is a temporary measure, the patient needs this transplant, the donor heart. Soon man will be included in the waiting list, he will have to build muscle and to get stronger. However, this unique operation has allowed to gain time and the patient can now wait for a donor heart.