Opening the conference, the project Manager Nadezhda Azhgikhina and Gennady Bordyugov told about the strangeness of the current anniversary of the Victory. They noted that the postponement due to the quarantine measures of basic symbolic actions of the celebration parade and March of the Immortal regiment – from 9 may to 24 June and 26 July, and the establishment of a new day of military glory on September 3, significantly altering the socio-political and socio-cultural focus on the anniversary and told to continue monitoring until the beginning of autumn.

Deputy Dean of the history faculty of Moscow state University Dmitry Andreev stressed that the aura of Victory, the emotional and psychological impact of the parade on the day of this significant celebration in red square for 75 years ago and his Association with overcoming the overall effects of the pandemic are designed to ensure the legitimacy of the new Constitution, the adoption of which a majority of the votes no doubt.

To clear the backlog of scientific understanding as the Victory of 1945, and in the whole of the great Patriotic and Second world wars from the ideological use of images indicated leading researcher of the Institute of Russian history, Vladimir Nevezhin. The scientist regretted the predominance of academic discourse ushers anniversary articles in the absence of significant breakthroughs in understanding the events of the first half of the 1940-ies in the framework of national and universal history.

Independent backup expert Leonid Maksimenkov told how effectively manage to educate the public on previously inaccessible documents. Noting as a good some departmental projects, the researcher gave overall moderate rating is made. According to him, there is a paradoxical situation: on the one hand, we see the ultimate focus on the anniversary of the Victory, on the other hand, even after 75 years after the war in her story are still a lot of white spots.