The owners of the St. Petersburg shopping centers appealed to President Vladimir Putin. Their letter read “Kommersant”. “It remains to appeal only to you as the head of state, responsible for the welfare of his native city” — a quote from the appeal to the President of the owners of the St. Petersburg shopping centers.

They genuinely can’t understand why they never allowed to open. First, the employers complained to the FAS. They believe that the ban puts them at a disadvantage compared to the Department stores and building hypermarkets, which you can work. Although technical specifications do they counts as a business, no different from shopping centers.

And now a letter to the President as a last resort, says one of the authors of the appeal, the managing partner and co-owner of “Fort Grupp Menedzhment”, Maxim Levchenko.

Maxim Levchenko, managing partner and co-owner of “Fort Grupp Menedzhment”: “Mask mode is canceled, the glove mode is deactivated. The subway is Packed, everything works, public transport, airport, hypermarkets. But shopping malls, it is believed that contagious or something the most dangerous of all that I have listed. I don’t see any logic in the actions of the authorities. I think their logic is aimed at the removal of responsibility. So I teamed up with our competitors and agreed to sign a letter to the President”.

The authorities of Petersburg probably has its own logic. Recently the city came in second after Moscow according to the increase of cases of coronavirus. But the restrictions still gradually removed. In mid-June, the city opened beauty salons and spas, and from July 16 all the same baths opened in the Leningrad region.

But restaurants fully work and was not allowed, only the veranda. And owners catering also can not understand, they are worse than others. First, in St. Petersburg’s restaurants have traditionally had a lot of foreign tourists. They are not. Second, after the quarantine, not everyone has the money to go to institutions. Means, greater traffic and risk of infection should not be, says the owner of group of companies “Russian caviar house” (she has a restaurant business in St. Petersburg), Alexander Novikov.

Alexander Novikov, the owner of group of companies “Russian caviar house”: “it’s Always big enough tourist flow was. And they took quite a lot of seats in restaurants. Because today it is not, and especially not foreign tourists, I do not understand why this does not open, to be honest. I can not understand. But on the other hand, let’s be a little honest: the situation of coronavirus has seriously hit the wallets of the Russians. Many are still to save. So I don’t understandwhat still exists of such a ban.”

Such stories are typical not only for St. Petersburg. For example, in the ether Business FM owners rides too wondered why they can’t work. But, for example, in Moscow amusement parks were allowed to open by the end of the week. As for St. Petersburg shopping centres, entrepreneurs complain that with the authorities they don’t even have dialogue. They appealed to the Smolny, because the decision about the lifting of the ban attended the regional authorities. But those refer to the CPS. And when business turns in this Department, there is, on the contrary, referring to the Governor, saying that to cancel the restriction can only be the government of St. Petersburg, and Rospotrebnadzo only gives a recommendation.

It’s a vicious circle. And a few days ago in the leadership of St. Petersburg, said “Fontanka” that “the situation is difficult,” and cited that according to a “medical unit”. And this is a very convenient phrase that can be easily blamed. However, all this brings to mind a quote of a famous literary doctor, Professor Preobrazhensky: “Here’s another word… Absolutely not known, what is underneath is hidden”.