the Tourist season on the black sea coast can take place. At least in Sochi from June 1 to allow work to spas with medical license. If the epidemiological situation stabiliziruemost, then I will begin to work and hotels. Despite the fact that the final decision is still pending, hoteliers interviewed by “MK”, begin to prepare to open their doors. But private business is in a panic – booking is not and likely will not.

As we told the owner of the guest house in Sochi Alexey Lojban, everyone is waiting for “team leadership.” “Nothing depends on us. Will do anything you say, just was allowed to work. Now bookings is very small. Only few, though last year at this time the schedule was planned for two months ahead,” said the man. According to him, some property owners rent out apartments, despite the ban, but in any case, now the city people is much less.

Many hotels place on their pages a reminder about the rules of receiving guests this summer. Among them: you measure the temperature every day, a meal preferably in the room, settling only with the certificate of the epidemiological environment of residence. About tanning, probably, also have to forget – almost anywhere you need to wear a medical mask. “And given that the beaches in Adler small, the sun too will be in five minutes, all in time feet in water to help”, – fear users of social networks.

angelina Gushchina rents apartments in Tuapse. She’s sure that tourists this year should not wait. “It’s very sad. Back in January I refused a reservation for 20 people. And all of them had to return the money. Travel also did not come. What we are going to make a living – is not clear. I spoke with the competitors, and all have 90 percent confidence that the season will be disrupted. Travelers to the us don’t even drive all of them either put on a two-week quarantine, or deploy via Krasnodar. The price cut makes no sense at all, they are already below the limit”‘ said the girl.

In social networks the inhabitant of Tuapse Ian told his story. She decided to return to his native city of Perm on may 15. “We were detained right at the railway station, taking out all the documents, lodged in observation for 14 days. Gave the best room, according to staff. In number a bathroom, bed, sofa, TV, large wardrobe. Free given 5 liters of water, soap, paper, fed three times a day. Temperature control. Cleaning doing,” she writes. According to her, the conditions could be taken for vacation if it wasn’t locked. Every day come to newcomers and past residents often come straight home.

But the mayor of Gelendzhik Alex Bogomilov stated that the city is almost ready for the summer tourist season. But the sanatorium and beaches will operate in the mode of restrictions, there will need to keep your distance and wear masks. The owners would do almost anything, if only they were allowed to work. “We are waiting for the decision of the authorities and watch as the situation changes. Any predictions I’m afraid to even do that. If the authorities say that the visitors need help, we will ask them. If you need to disinfect the premises, we will. Will do, just allow open season. In Gelendzhik, the epidemiological situation is normal – we don’t have many infected. And personally, I absolutely without a difference, whether it’s the tourist from Moscow or St. Petersburg. Absolutely no bookings. If the season is open, the lower prices will not – they are all about the same,” shared the owner.

Other interlocutors “MK” admit that rely not so much on the 1 June as the weakening of quarantine measures between 23 may. Will be allowed to move around the city without passes, and there already and to the beach on the doorstep. Although the beach is prohibited, but “if you really want, you can.” “Now some tourists are fined on the beach, but it’s not so often. Resting there, but, of course, they are hundreds of times less. I hope that the season will open, and you can safely run” – told us the resident of Gelendzhik.