Started on the background COVID-19 the economic crisis has hit landlords that rent housing in large cities, demand for it only in April, the national average has dropped by 40%. This has forced owners to reduce prices. Analysts expect that trend will continue until the end of the summer and the average rental prices will be reduced by 10%. The most resistant to fall was a one-room apartment: due to more affordable total cost demand has shifted in their direction.The average cost of renting one-bedroom apartments in Russian cities by the end of April amounted to 17.1 thousand rubles, one bedroom — 24 thousand rubles, according to data of CYAN. Relative to March decreased by 1.1% and 4%, respectively. Analysts of “Real Craigslist” while have seen no reduction in the average for the country: one-bedroom apartments, according to their calculations, now rented out at an average of 15.05 thousand RUB— it actually corresponds to the value of March and 0.3 percent more than last year. Two lots are on average 19,95 thousand RUB in a month. The index rose 0.4% and 3.5%, respectively.But global insights each other, analysts confirm. So, in “Craigslist real Estate” notice the pronounced drop in the cost of rent for large apartments in major cities. In Moscow, according to their calculations, two-bedroom apartments for the month fell by 6.25%, to 75 thousand rubles. per month. In Saint Petersburg the fall for the same housing made up 11%, to 40 thousand rubles per month. Analysts “the World of apartments” draw attention to the sharp decline in the cost of renting in tourist cities. For example, two-bedroom apartment in Sochi for the month fell by 13.1% to 42.7 thousand. Similar proposals in Kazan lost 11.6% and is now rented out at an average of 31.67 thousand RUB in a month.In CYANOGEN call Moscow the leader of falling prices and one-bedroom apartments. This property is now offered for rent in an average of 36.4 thousand rubles. per month is 7.8% below the figure for the end of March. In second place on the dynamics of falling prices Nizhny Novgorod, where “odnushki” for the month fell by 4.4% to 15.2 thousand rubles In Ufa a similar decrease was 3.9%, to 14,7 thousand rbl. a month. The most expressed positive dynamics of average prices of rent have shown in Omsk and Voronezh, where a Studio apartment for the month rose 4 percent, to 13.1 per thousand and 16 thousand respectively.Source: data of the analytical center of CYANOGEN.The decline in prices comes amid a sharp reduction in demand: according to estimates, “World of flats”, the average for the country in April, this figure fell to 40%. CEO of “World of flats” Pavel Lutsenko noted that in many regional towns, where the employment situation is not very good, owners are forced to provide not only discounts but also a rent-free period, during which the tenant b��RET only costs for utilities. Analysts CYANOGEN in these conditions, pay attention to the formation of some pent-up demand. So, in Moscow, according to mister Popova, the number of ad views on long-term rental housing is comparable to the same period last year. “High online activity is connected with information background: due to the lower rates, many tenants are monitoring the market, without excluding the possibility of moving to a more prestigious area, saving costs at the same level,” he explains. Deputy Director of Department of rent “Incom-real Estate” Oksana Polyakova waiting and return migration: many will want to move to cheaper housing or leave the Moscow region.Mr. Popov does not expect a quick recovery of the rental market: according to his forecasts, by the end of the summer, the average rental rate of housing will be reduced to 10%, in autumn it is possible small increase due to the recovery in business activity. Pavel Lutsenko waits for the rates to decline by 10-20% in July. “In current conditions, their main strategy is to try to retain current tenants and to keep prices for the potential,” she explains. In this case, Ms. Polyakova recalls that in the crisis period 2014-2015 cost on display ads decreased slightly, while in private the owners were going for discounts as a result of trade.Alexandra Mertsalova