Lost their jobs because of the quarantine, the Russians are always looking for unexpected ways of using their professional skills. Before such a call was the owner of the Bridal salon and Studio from Kaluga. The woman told “MK”, together with their employees instead of wedding dresses learned to sew …medical masks and protective suits for doctors.

Sister Galina and Irina opened a Bridal salon in 1999. Before 1995, engaged in individual tailoring of wedding dresses at home.

— All of our girlfriends, then get married and find a wedding dress in Kaluga was not easy. My sister and I began sewing for friends and eventually began to position itself as the master for this profile.

In March 2020 the salon and Atelier for the first time in 20 years, I stopped — in Kaluga forbade the work of many companies, including sewing workshops. Galina and the staff indefinitely left without income to work remotely can neither store nor Atelier: wedding and evening dresses have to try on, sew and custom fit — take measurements directly from ordered it that cannot be done without a visit to the office and close contact.

— We had to stop all work, leaving a lot of unfulfilled orders, flaws. A client called, asked to complete the outfits, a planned wedding on April 25, Red hill…In comparison with other entrepreneurs we were lucky: at our office in property — for rent no need to pay, and the product has no expiry date and can remain in storage indefinitely. Additionally for 20 years we have built up a huge customer base, after the quarantine, we don’t have to start a business from scratch. But without any income to pay employees at least the minimum wage almost impossible. How to survive this period is unclear.

the Situation was unexpectedly saved by the social network — Galina saw the post of the President of the Kaluga chamber of Commerce Violetta Komissarova that the local textile factory is looking for seamstresses to start production of medical masks and protective suits for doctors.

— I called the CEO of the factory and we agreed that I would gather the team and lead the workers on the production for the duration of the quarantine. Responded to the call of not only our employees, but also people from other studios, those who are indirectly familiar with me and had some relation to weddings. Initially we took all, even without special education — fold gauze for the procurement and other manual labor.

Go from working on the wedding outfits to the factory machine for the production of medical equipment, without hesitation, agreed the whole team. No other choice was left — someone has to feed the family, someone largest loan in the delay at which the Bank refused.

— Perestro��tsya was easy. Because there are no other options in principle, — laughs Galina. — People for and happy that is work, and this labour is paid. Wages are broadly comparable with what was received in the salon — about 30 thousand rubles, which is above average for Kaluga. The first two days were physically difficult: a change of jet lag, early, shift starts at 8am. But there is a high level of corporate culture: every morning, the factory Manager and owner greeted workers at the entrance. I’m talking about this had never heard. Everyone understands that perform an important task, we put serious plans — our team of 15 people for the day, did 4.5 thousand masks was a large order for hospitals of Moscow. Now we switched to overshoes. People work with enthusiasm, remain after the change. Not just to make money or to occupy yourself, but I feel that help the country, because the protection of doctors – now the main task.

Seamstress work flow method, everyone is doing their part: cutting, stitching, rubber. Galina recognized that stitched small details on medical clothing requires no less concentration than a wedding dress. Focus on the process distracts from painful thoughts about the epidemic and economic crisis.

— just today watched the work of the technologist is so thin, almost jewelry work, it is necessary to understand how subtly to flash every little detail. I tell my team that we were lucky. Of course, this is no fairy story and of course, we hope that this will end we will go back to their work. Although, if the epidemic drags on, the entire wedding season, which falls in the summer, will be failed… But work is a distraction from all these sad thoughts — while standing at the machine anything else not to think.