the combined forces of the Petersburg volunteers performed 11821 application for the delivery of food and medicine and delivered thousands of food packages.

– to do good, do not necessarily have a huge experience and his own team. It is important to have the desire and willingness to devote time, – says the coordinator for cooperation with volunteers Katerina Kolacky. – I can’t believe how many people decided to take part in the action #Myvote! It is this project different from the rest of their telling. Seen as all around together in a difficult situation. Very proud of every volunteer and appreciate what you do, no matter what. I’m sure our efforts will not go unnoticed. Sometimes I feel like I can move mountains with such a team! No matter, it’s five people or two thousand. It is important that they share a common cause.

the System is designed so that volunteers know each other mostly online. So in the evenings, when I finished another difficult day, volunteers in the chat rooms tell each other about themselves.

“I became a volunteer for the first time. I have long wanted to help the elderly. After the first grandparents cried, but now kicks when I see their happy eyes. Hardly able to stop.”

“I’m from Liza Alert, we are looking for poteryaete – grandparents, mostly. But with the beginning of the quarantine… they ceased to disappear. Then I decided to try here populararity, the nice man advised”.

“I’ve been volunteering. Visited homes for the elderly, then taught computer to seniors, so elderly work for a long time. But still this is a different direction. By joining this project, I worried, as I had no patterns of behaviour in certain situations. But I’m on a roll, all very good. Try to take the application a little, but do them with soul, finding exactly what you ask. Sometimes one application lasts for several days.”

“I’m helping the hospice – we organize workshops, concerts and activities for children. Since the hospice at the time of quarantine was closed, then decided to help.”

“I am a student at Pediatric University. Do duty in hospitals, children left without parental care. We in the trade Union Committee is a great volunteer Board and its different projects: hospital clowning, donation, helping little moms… But since the quarantine, this work stopped, and now I’m here.”

I Never get tired to wonder how many good people gathered in one project.

a single reference line for issues related to mers in Saint-Petersburg: 122.

to Leave the application to receive volunteer help by phone 8-800-200-34-11, and with the help of mobile applications “onf.Help.”

background��I service of system of social protection of population of St. Petersburg: (812) 241-20-57.

hotline city volunteers in St. Petersburg: (812) 245-32-20.