a Small village in the Akushinsky district of Dagestan Tubemake became the centre of the pandemic in the Republic – almost half of the inhabitants infected with a coronavirus. But unlike the capital here, nor the fact that from the mass testing COVID-19 even on the hospitalization of all cases is not the question. Cruel joke with a thriving village played a folk craft, which involved local residents. The normal period sewing hats and other fur products bring good income, but with the introduction of high alert mode artisans returned home. And brought the infection.

“MK” managed to contact the head of administration of the settlement Mejid Magomedov Macidov and find out how things stand now.

Majid Magomedovich, how did Tubemake has become a hotbed of infection? In the villages around what is the epidemiological situation?

– we Have the whole village is engaged in hats, boots and other products. Our products are known throughout Russia, in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok, and even supply them Habib Nurmagomedov! Our craftsmen are appreciated and many leave for other towns to trade, here is the rest of the family raise livestock and sew. But when they enter quarantine, the business stopped and people returned home. I think it is because of this in our remote village and there was a hearth, because of the village nearby, and know nothing about the disease.

When did you realize that before you made it a global pandemic?

– it All started in mid-April when they began to die in large people. Mainly age: 22 year of birth, 29th, 35th, we have a lot of centenarians. Here the young woman died she was only 56 years old. First, we did not betray this value. Well, he died an old man, who is already at this age to understand why. Buried, thank God. And then two people a day began to bury, despite the fact that we have a year of deaths of 12-17. Very heavy, all almost relatives. It has become clear that it’s not just a coincidence that the pandemic arrived in the village. And our road was closed, isolated from all.

– That is, people did not take seriously to what is happening in the world? Not isolated?

– We are trying to convey to people that need to isolate themselves. But these appeals for a long time no one took seriously. It is now easier, people stopped walking on the street, trying once again to each other not to be missed, but you know in the village is a different mentality.

now by the epidemiological situation?

– Now 25 people is located in the district hospital, where they assist. 70 people receive outpatient treatment at home. To them goes a local nurse puts the IV drip. Imagine was on 40 a day! We have the whole village one doctor and three nurses. The load on them is huge. Moreover, at first they didn’t know what to treat, because ofconventional methods have not been saved. We requested from the Ministry of health to give to two doctors who know how to fight, but this is difficult. Other residents self-medicate who puts himself injections who are able to get medication until the closure of the road to the village. In principle, it is impossible to count how many people it hurts. But I can say that almost in all households there is someone who is sick, then there is about a thousand out of a population of 2.6 thousand people!

You said the road was closed. As, then, those who are treated at home can buy the necessary medicines?

was Her and therefore shut that people began to travel to neighboring villages to find a cure. Now from the village do not release, now it became known that there is a hearth. Tests as there was no and no. The mask is also a problem. The fact that in our pharmacy no one was ready for it. Now sew for yourself, sanitize rinsing in alcohol. My house all white, and took a fire truck to wash the streets and the area where they brought the portable x-ray.

That is any help came?

– Yes, after my complaints and official letters and through social networks, we finally paid attention. Yesterday came the box with the drugs, of course, not all of them will be enough, but it’s something. And on the same day, brought to the mobile complex with floriography. Yesterday we sent to get tested 200 people, but this is only the beginning. By the way, we tried to establish a hospital in the village. Identified the children’s garden, put there beds, but it was ineffective. Those who felt better, asked to be allowed to stay home, and for those who are really bad, you still will not be able to help a local doctor. We have sent in regional hospital.