a Friend who died in Moscow under mysterious circumstances, the blogger’s TV expert, sexologist and psychotherapist Anna Hambardzumyan Daria Bakhirev interview the newspaper “Moscow 24” has not confirmed the words of lawyer Sergei Gorina that women could be in debt.

According to the friend, about collectors Hambardzumyan never complained and did not take on debt because that was her rule, to the same blogger was from a rich family and she too earned. While Daria admitted that Anna could act as a guarantor, because I really tried to help those who to her was good.

however, the girl ruled out the theory of suicide and overdose on illicit substances.

“I do not believe in the version of the drug, i.e. if it was drugs, it was outside intervention, someone drugged because Anya is not used”, – has shared details of the friend of the deceased. Bakhirev stressed that Ambartsumian was against drugs and always said it is evil of the twenty-first century.

Darya also refused to believe that the cause of Anna’s death was a suicide, since the deceased was a very cheerful, optimistic person and never give up.

Known blogers Anna Hambardzumyan was found dead in a hotel in Moscow with no signs of violent death. At present the consequence finds out circumstances of the death of 27-year-old woman. Lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that shortly before his death, Anna complained about the collectors who were calling her about a debt of a friend.

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