it’s the Closest to Sochi of the most famous of Palikaria on the Northern slope of the Aibga ridge.

After a few UPS and downs on the cable car, the traveler have to go another kilometer. On the way to meet the pointer, which will have to wonder how Ilya Muromets: go right – you will see two waterfalls to the left of the waterfall Policare. Prepared tourists can go to the right, lovers leisurely walk is better to turn to the left.

When you come out of the woods into the clearing, offer heavenly views of the 70-meter waterfall. Here everyone chooses the occupation forces – some climb a steep mountain to the foam spray of the cascading water, admire the beautiful panorama.

– In the water you can watch endlessly, we without hesitation went here – says Anna from St. Petersburg. – Arrived with his family in Sochi on the machine, and not even because of the quarantine: Kuban travel for the second year and are constantly opening up interesting parts.

Going on a trip, it is necessary to count on an hour and a half. Along the way you can admire the mountain flowers and make stunning images. In addition, returning from the falls of Palikara, you should look in protected forest, where there is an abandoned ski lift – the first in Krasnaya Polyana.

On the other mountain resort in the summer, resumed work Park waterfalls “Mandalika”, on the southern slope of Aibga. A popular route is created for oneness with nature, walk among the bubbling mountain streams and fragrant flowers. Way with inspection of all the waterfalls within four kilometers and it takes nearly 4.5 hours.

Park of the waterfalls starts from the bottom of the cable car – with a height of 1470 meters above sea level, next laid special trails, including to the base of the falls, observation deck with railings.

Guests can take the small, middle and large ring of the waterfalls and see all seven of them – “Mendel”, “Char”, “red”, “Mishkin grotto”, “Aya”, “Snow direction” and “Gold”. The height of the last – 77 meters. In Sunny weather it poured Golden hues from yellowish stone, on which flows.

– my friend and I went for the middle ring and courageously came to the “Golden” waterfall, – tells Nizhegorodka Olesya Shuleva. – However, because of the cooler weather and the Golden tints we have not seen. But managed to climb by cableway and found all the seasons in one day – now get the adventure.

the passage of Time on the small ring – 30-45 minutes, on the big – half to two hours.

Park of the waterfalls “Mandelia” was named after the river flowing through the canyon. It is so named in honor of who served here during the Caucasian wars army paramedic Boris Mendel. In 1870 he married a girl of the ancient Abaza family, they have had five children. After retirement Mendel p��was given the position of paramedic. All members of a large family was very industrious. Mendel bred horses, herding cattle, collecting the harvest in the abandoned gardens, planted rye, millet, built a water mill.


Walk to the waterfalls in the mountains vacationer will cost about 1.5 thousand rubles. Experts advise to take with food because everywhere there is food, the appetite in the mountains wakes up brutal.

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