According to the office for the last six months the stock levels of personal protective equipment in the regions grew. In particular, the number of protective suits has increased 14.7 times, masks — 2.1 times, and safety glasses — 7.9 times.

against the background of treatment the medical community to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova with complaints of a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for physicians in press service the health Ministry reported that at the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus such problems occurred, but now the lack of Sisak in the regions no.

“In the early period of the spread of coronavirus infection we, like most countries, faced with the absence of necessary volume of means of individual protection”, — quotes press service Agency the words of the Deputy Minister of health Victor Fisenko.

He noted that prior to the spread of coronavirus, the demand for most Sizov was a minor, in connection with which Russian and foreign manufacturers are faced with explosive demand, which was not easy to satisfy.

According to him, due to the interaction of the Ministry of health, Ministry of industry and trade and heads of regions, as well as constant monitoring of stocks of personal protective equipment in the regions, distribution of internal and external supplies of personal protective equipment in the regions, distribution of internal and external supply of PPE to the regions taking into account the number of beds and the incidence of COVID-19, is now recorded growth stocks of PPE in medical institutions in the period from 17 April (start of monitoring) to may 31, 2020.

the health Ministry cited data from the information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus (ICC) on the reserves of PPE in the regions. According to them for the aforementioned period, the growth of stockpiles of individual protection means, in particular:

As noted Fisenko, the market structure has changed, as not always the necessary items were in stock at the usual suppliers, for years supplying medical products to hospitals. “At the same time providing employees with means of individual protection is the responsibility of the heads of medical organizations. Most of them recovered quickly and were able to organise supplies, working together with the leadership of regions,” he said.

Deputy head of the Ministry of health added that in some regions has opened a new production or have expanded the range of products of existing enterprises. “At the Federal level temporarily simplified procedure for admission of PPE on the market and import disposable protection products, registered in country of origin did not need to register in our country,” said Fisenko.

in addition, registration of a new domestic hottively PPE by healthcare began to take no more than three days, he said. “In April—may in a simplified manner was 357 items of PPE. Accordingly, these personal protective equipment, in accordance with the law, can be procured by medical institutions”, — noted the Deputy Minister.

press service of the Ministry told RBC that in Russia now a day produces about 8-9 million masks of various kinds. The production of medical masks had increased in may from 4 million to 6.5 million per day, and in July, the Department plans to exceed the figure of 11 million masks. In the Ministry of industry pointed to growth in the production of other personal protective equipment. In particular, the issue of respirators has more than doubled, reaching 500 thousand per day.

the Big breakthrough was made and the issue of protective clothing, the Department said. As of April 10 they were produced 8.6 million a day, but now daily made 250 thousand costumes. Medical gloves in may, Russian producers have entered the 64 thousand pairs a day, in July, they plan to increase production volumes of up to 94 thousand pairs per day.

the Ministry noted that an important aspect of stable availability of all necessary means of protection in medical institutions remains early planning and timely procurement of required items directly from manufacturers or specific industry and trade integration companies Roskhimzaschita and “DELRUS”.

“the Change in one or another position must constantly be supervised by the regional authorities — who set up all the conditions for rapid replenishment in case of need”, — assured the Ministry of industry and trade.

the fact that doctors, experts and philanthropists turned to Tatiana Golikova with a request to take urgent measures due shortage of personal protective equipment for medics, it became known on June 1. In the letter they pointed to the fact that in medical institutions remains the lack of personal protective equipment for medics and organizational and resource problems. The experts proposed to revise the documents regulating the procurement of commodities, as the existing system in conditions of a pandemic “paralyse the health system”.