The Ministry has developed measures for the abolition of fines rent

however, to leave the house is not recommended, and offices design centers and management companies are closed for President declared non-working days. It is especially concerned about elderly residents who are not able to pay online and do not trust this type of payment.

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Actions that will allow you to defer payment of utility services to the best of times, and to receive state support for housing are being discussed in government.

As told to “RG” in NP “ZHKH Control”, the Ministry of construction has developed a list of measures to support housing and communal services. It is proposed, in particular, the moratorium on off utilities in case of non-payment the period of crisis, and the abolition of penalties for late payment of utility services.

This has been discussed by the Public Council of the Ministry of construction. “Now refined the list of proposed actions sent by the Ministry to the government for approval with the operational headquarters,” says Executive Director of “housing Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva.

a Number of suggestions focused on subsidies for housing and utility services. “It was proposed to establish a uniform procedure for calculating subsidies. In particular, in all regions pay subsidies, if payment for utility services exceed 15% of total family income (this threshold is different in different regions, the majority – 22%), ” says Razvorotneva. It was proposed to abolish the Housing code of the Russian Federation position that the subsidy is available only to citizens in the absence of debt. “I suggested to simplify the procedure of granting subsidies on payment of housing services. In my opinion, people should only send an application to the competent authority and all supporting documents for the calculation of subsidies governments have to collect yourself,” says Razvorotneva.

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As it was mentioned in the first televised address of Russian President Vladimir Putin, all decorated earlier grants shall be automatically renewed for six months.

According to “housing Control” allow all users to postpone payment of utility services inefficient by the majority of citizens being in the mode of isolation, yet continues to get paid. In addition, many are already used to make payments via the Internet, which does not need to leave the house. Those who are not able to pay for housing because of lower incomes, it is better to help through subsidies.

Besides, according to experts, it is necessary to provide compensation from budget shortfalls in income for the utility companies in case of growth of non-payments. The proposal of the Public Council of the Ministry of construction is also recommended to include in the action plan to support the industry. “Because if you do not help businesses and cancel the payment, they will go bankrupt, and the citizens will simply cease to services”, noted in the organization.