The Metropolitan police will be fined for violations of the isolation

Recall that the April 1 came into force amendments to the Code about administrative offences of Moscow. Introduced an article about the violation of the regime of high alert in the city of Moscow.

for example, a failure mode isolation shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of four thousand rubles. This offence using the vehicle shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand rubles.

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the Repeated Commission of administrative offenses punishable by an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand rubles.

in violation with the use of the car provides for the detention of the machine.

the administrative code of Moscow provides that the protocols on these violations has the right to constitute officials of internal Affairs bodies (the police, including police transport).

But the police cannot apply the measures stipulated by the local legislation. For this reason, to give the Metropolitan police this right, and it was necessary to conclude the corresponding agreement between the regional government and the interior Ministry.

However, it is still unclear who and what will be punished. As explained correspondent “RG” the lawyer Sergey Radko, the term “isolation” in the regulations is not defined.

Therefore, it is unclear who the police will prosecute. The idea of the administrative code of Moscow is spreading to everybody who came out without a valid reason on the street.

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But who will be fined? Some believe that to prosecute only those citizens, which discharged the injunction to stay at home or in the hospital. As well as persons older than 65 years and those suffering chronic diseases.

Others believe that the measures should apply in relation to any person, without valid reason retired more than 100 meters from his residence.

So, how it will be implemented – is unclear. Show administrative practice.

Recall that this is the second agreement between the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Moscow government. The first was given to the Metropolitan power authority for registration of violations of the rules of stopping and Parking of cars.

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