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The Ministry of internal Affairs warned Russians about fake SMS sending. The Scam message says that the citizen is alleged to have breached the regime of self-isolation and to transfer the money to avoid criminal punishment
Employees of criminal investigation Department of the Moi of Russia in Moscow detained the swindlers who sold the elderly pseudokarst. They informed the seniors about the allegedly revealed they have serious diseases and offered to buy an expensive "medication"
Violent activities developed in the Moscow region Shatura 50-the summer earlier judged citizen. The malefactor, being in the entrance of one of the apartment buildings on the street Academic, stole a Bicycle not equipped with anti-theft device
The police will not detain citizens with expired passports and driver's licenses in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. Also there will be a systematic work to identify violators of regimes of quarantine
Investigators found on one of the Internet sites the announcement of the sale of the tests COVID-19. Scam was arrested by the police. It turned out that the attackers didn't even sell the tests, and disposable vacuum tubes
Police in the capital received the right to prosecute for violations of the regime of self-isolation. The agreement between the interior Ministry and the Moscow government approved the decree of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
Law enforcement officers actively involved in activities to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, will receive additional payments. This was stated by interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev
In Russia 1250 drawn up protocols on administrative offences in respect of nationals who committed violations of the law which violated the prescribed isolation mode. This was told in the interior Ministry of Russia. For leaving the premises violators are attracted to three compounds Cao
Completely inadequate the act was committed by drunk resident of Moscow region. Manager of an ambulance station announced in a call center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the city district of Podolsk, about what the garage box was stolen one of the official vehicles of physicians
The police around the clock, collects information about persons crossing the border of Russia and coming from countries, with unfavourable epidemiological situation. For violation of the law related to the observance of quarantine has already been brought to administrative responsibility more than 500 individuals
Foreign nationals who cannot return home due to the spread of the coronavirus, will be able to extend permits to stay in Russia. This decision was taken by the interior Ministry
On Friday held an operative meeting of the President with the permanent members of the security Council of the Russian Federation. We discussed three main topics: arrangements with Turkey in Idlib, the situation on the world markets and the threat of the spread of coronavirus
In the Metropolitan police, confirmed that foreign nationals who violate the prescribed rules of quarantine, deported from the country. Decisions on administrative expulsion take capital courts
To prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in the long-distance trains offer in the Main Department of transport Ministry of Russia. As the result of drinking alcohol in the dining cars last year there were more than 8 thousand crimes
In Moscow from Passionate Boulevard to Sakharov Avenue are now participants in the March Nemtsov, a rally dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the assassination of opposition politician at the Kremlin walls
Two employees LO Affairs of Russia at station Moscow-Belarus accused of negligence: police detained a drunken Belarusian, who later died in the chamber due to a lethal dose of alcohol. Investigators of the Moscow inter-regional SU of transport of the RF IC opened a criminal case.

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