For 8 years, the hit of the singer MakSim “Do you know” has been the unofficial anthem of the Spartak football club. Therefore, fans, fans, and team members were pleasantly surprised when the artist went to the Moscow stadium on May 29 and performed this composition.

The song was first performed in 2014, in Marina’s hometown of Kazan. Then Spartak played with the local team Rubin, and during the break the hit “Do you Know” sounded at the stadium. What was the surprise of the organizers when the fans stood up and began to sing along with all their hearts – loudly, loudly, sincerely. Everyone liked it so much that every match the song sounded from the speakers, and the fans sang it with pleasure.

MakSim has never admitted that she is happy at the thought that her song gives Spartak fans such great pleasure and unites fans into one big team. She had already performed the song live once in Sochi in 2019, but the scope was smaller there. And in 2022, the artist decided to repeat the same experience, but already in the capital. She announced this at the end of May.

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On May 29, Marina entered the stadium during the final of the Russian Football Cup. It is noteworthy that for the first time in 19 years, it was the Spartak team that won the match against Dynamo.

The artist came out in a white light semi-transparent dress and barefoot, just like in the story that is sung in the composition. Everyone who was present at the stadium said that the atmosphere was just wonderful, and everything that was happening was creepy. MakSim was sung by more than 50 thousand fans, even children and brutal adult men.

Recall that Marina only recently returned to the stage after a serious illness. Last summer, the artist fell ill with covid and was in a coma for almost 1.5 months. Many no longer believed in the recovery of the young performer, but sincerely wished her to get better. And the miracle happened, however, it took almost a year for rehabilitation.