Sint-Truiden, belgium-the Flemish minister of well-being, Wouter Beke (CD&V) said Sunday night was the green light for the start of the schakelzorgcentrum in Sint-Truiden, belgium. The former sheltered housing Madrugada will be coronapatiënten to be taken care of. The mayor, Veerle Heeren (CD&V), saw the start of the town, by the name of ‘The Crown’ is that it was in the afternoon itself.

it was The first public appearance of the Truiense mayor of Veerle Heeren (CD&V). since a self-imposed quarantine from the 18th of march. Last Friday, the Flemish government decided to prepare for the opening of the so-called schakelzorgcentra. If the number of patients in the corona virus is so significantly injured that the hospitals are threatening to walk away, some of our patients are only temporarily in that noodcentra be able to be taken care of.

Saint-Trudoziekenhuis schurkt we are currently at the maximum capacity of. At this point, there are 61 coronapatiënten be included in the ‘ Sint-Trudo, of which 11 are in intensive care, and the hospital is just 11 ICU beds suitable for mechanical ventilation of the Covid of 19 patients. “On the basis of these elements, the Flemish Government has decided that the schakelzorgcentrum in Sint-Truiden, belgium was officially to start,” said the minister, Wouter Beke. “The Limburg governor, has endorsed the building of a former sheltered housing Madrugada to the train station to leave set-up.”
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“in The past couple of days, the city of Sint-Truiden, belgium, together with dr. Johan Vandervelden, the president of provisional zorgraad primary care of Haspengouw, a lot of efforts have been made to the building of the former sheltered housing Madrugada at the station, it is ready to be taken into account”, explains the mayor, Veerle Heeren (CD&V) uit. “Schakelzorgcentra be able to provide a solution for those who have a medical point of view, the hospital is allowed to leave, but often, for social reasons, to be able to. For example, the home environment is not suitable, or that could not be guaranteed.”

at the same time, it is very important that the cash is in the hospital, it may be limited to people who have complex needs. “It’s schakelzorgcentrum it may, therefore, medical monitoring of people who have been infected with a Covid-19, do not stay at home, but don’t immediately have to go to the hospital or to the hospital can leave,” said lord mayor the Lord.