Despite a slight decrease in dynamics of growth of diseases Covid-19, patients for the week was 70% more. The increase – from 26 to 45 thousand, and it is only diagnoses, laboratory-confirmed at reference centres. We understand that the actual number of cases even more. Many carry the disease without symptoms, someone in its beginning stages. And someone she’s not yet been laboratory confirmed, but has all clinical signs of infection. And they really are being treated as outpatients or even hospitalized.

the Number of Muscovites who are in the hospitals with a diagnosis of coronavirus has increased to 17 thousand people. Hundreds are in intensive care and on a ventilator. Die every day for 30-40 people.

every day I read appeals and requests to weaken the regime of restrictive measures. Believe me, I did as much as you want to do. But in the current situation it would just be irresponsible and populist solution which in the future will inevitably lead to even greater number of cases and deaths.

So no matter how difficult it was to make such a decision – today I signed a Decree which extends until may 11, 2020 (inclusive) all restrictions operating in Moscow.

For the may holidays, please stay home.

as for the students. Bank holidays from 1 to 11 may online lessons will not.

In connection with the extension of the regime of self-isolation, we have adopted a number of decisions.

1. In normal times, the silence of the law allows for noisy renovation works in residential buildings of no more than 8 hours a day – from 9 to 13 PM and from 15 am to 19 PM, except on Sundays and public holidays.

But over the last month many apartments turned into offices and classrooms on the “distance”, which is required to maintain a working atmosphere and in the daytime.

Therefore, at the request of Muscovites, requirements for the observance of peace and quiet in residential buildings will be severely tightened.

For carrying out noisy renovations we leave no more than 4 hours on weekdays. The rest of the time in homes should remain silent.

And attention. Unlike normal times, these requirements apply to the recently introduced residential home – new buildings, where the problem of respect for peace and quiet today is particularly acute.

the Restrictions on noisy works take effect immediately.

2. By decision of the President of Russia in the coming days we will begin the payment “children’s” additional payments to unemployed citizens of 3000 per month.

the money will be paid in addition to the Federal and regional unemployment.

Thus, the maximum size of payments to the unemployed will be 19 500 rubles (12 130 rubles from the Federal budget and 7 370 rubles at the expense of the Moscow budget) + 3 000 for each minor child per month.

3. In the Government of Moscow began to receive questions about the prospects for summer vacations for the students.

unfortunately, we can see that in the coming months, most regions of the country are unlikely to be able to adopt our children. The city shifts in schools also carries the risk of disease outbreak.

Therefore, we have suspended the children’s holiday until July 31, 2020, regarding the third shift in August will make a decision later.

Source: official website of the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin