As reported in a press-service of the Governor, in marriage ceremonies may participate not more than ten people, including newlyweds, Registrar, photographer and guests. In the hall for the celebration they must all be masked and will observe the distance of half a meter.

Statements on solemn registration for June filed 120 pairs, the first ceremony has already taken place in the registry office carried out all the necessary disinfection measures. But to wear a mask when leaving the Palace of marriage – is already the responsibility of the couple and their guests. So a lot of time on photo shoots to get rid of the remedies.

In connection with the opening of the camp sites where there are now newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. However, country holiday homes also work with restrictions. To invite guests, they can only from among residents of the region, and to fill all these rooms – not more than 50 percent. Before the opening of the tourist season the staff will have to pass tests for COVID-19, and in the time to use a mask and gloves. In addition to that all their guests of the camping must inform the Ministry of internal Affairs.

– It is necessary to ensure that in the event of outbreak of coronavirus, the police quickly identified the contact persons, – told “RG” in the Astrakhan tourist information center.

Also, the camp sites have to handle disinfectants the contact surfaces, disinfection of air, to set the dispensers with antiseptics for the hands and provide social distance on reception and in the dining rooms. All guests at the entrance and during their stay at the camp at least once a day will measure the temperature.

For the organization of the tourist industry created an interagency working group that will include representatives of the Ministry of tourism of the region, Ministry of internal Affairs and Rospotrebnadzor, they will be required to confirm compliance places with sanitary norms. The owners of tourist camps and rest homes will need to submit applications to the municipality and to the conclusion.

Astrakhan oblast now takes only visitors on official business, they are placed in hotels of Astrakhan, Kharabali, Akhtubinsk and Znamensk. Hotels are also used as Observatory for physicians, social workers and citizens who ordered the CPS to comply with self-isolation. Vacationers in hotels of the path is closed-even the local residents.

In children’s polyclinics of Volgograd region resumed its planned admission patients. According to regional health Department, it is already possible to make an appointment with the pediatrician, specialists, on physical examination, and vaccinations. In all 45 public clinics that provide care to the children, introduced measures anti-epidemic security. This separation of flows of patients – in blocks or days of the week in the premisest recyclers and decontamination systems, additional processing is performed disinfectants. Infectious organized teams that visit patients with fever at home for enhanced protection.

In the Rostov fashion designer Anna Kropotova launched a line of designer wedding masks from the coronavirus. An unusual accessory was invented back in March, after young couples, despite the desire to get married, have begun to abandon the festivities. At first, brides sewed a delicate white mask and for grooms there were three colors to choose: black, gray and blue. But with each passing month the demand was more, so that designers today are already able to satisfy any whim. Latest trend – individual Maxi, which are manually sewn the names of the participants of the ceremony and family “monograms”.