(London) Bye bye corgis: These little big-eared dogs loved by Elizabeth II have been supplanted by Jack Russells in the hearts of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, which could increase their popularity in the United Kingdom.

Two Jack Russells baptized Bluebell and Beth now live at Buckingham Palace.

They appeared in the arms of Charles and Camilla in a photo taken on their 15th wedding anniversary in 2020, showcasing this breed of dog with short hair and boundless energy.

“If King Charles is often seen with his dogs, chances are they will grow in popularity,” said Bill Lambert, spokesman for the Kennel Club, Britain’s largest dog health and training organization. . He has already noted an increase in registrations of puppies of this breed.

The number of corgis, faithful companions of Elizabeth II throughout her 70-year reign, is likely to “fall back a bit”, he added.

Created in England in the 19th century for fox hunting, the Jack Russell Terrier is a breed already popular in the United Kingdom.

According to Lambert, these smart, playful dogs enjoy company, and also like “a bit of luxury.”

Camilla adopted Beth from Battersea Dogs animal shelter

Bluebell came from the same shelter, and joined the royal family some time later.

“It really shines a light on these animals and reminds everyone that there are animals out there for adoption and there are tons of cats and dogs just waiting to go to the right home,” said Becky Lodder, an adoption program manager at the Battersea shelter, told AFP.