Greens and FDP want to defuse the recent differences in the coalition about the introduction of basic child security. The FDP family expert Seestern-Pauly made it clear that this was a high priority for the FDP. The Greens’ State Secretary Deligöz also promises clarity about the need for funding by the end of the year.

For the Greens and FDP, child protection is the top priority, despite differences. “Basic child protection is one of the major projects of the coalition in the area of ​​family policy and has a high priority for the FDP parliamentary group,” says family policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group Matthias Seestern-Pauly the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Thursday edition). The key points presented by the Ministry of Family Affairs are a “first working basis,” said the FDP politician. The Ministry of Finance had previously criticized the publication of the key points.

“We welcome the merging of the different family benefits and the payment of basic child security as a low-administration, digital service,” emphasized Seestern-Pauly. “As the FDP, we made it clear from the beginning of this legislative period that basic child security must include a radical simplification and de-bureaucratization of family policy benefits,” he added.

The Parliamentary State Secretary in the Family Ministry, Ekin Deligöz, also announced that there should be clarity about the financial requirements of the reform in the course of the year after FDP Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner had pointed out the limits in the federal budget. “The government is currently working on the basic structure of the reform, then we want to agree on the relevant adjustment screws by the end of the year,” said the Green politician. “Only then can we seriously say how much money is needed,” she explained. “The coalition must take care of the financing together, that includes the finance minister. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible if everyone pulls together.”

The Greens politician referred to an urgent need for reform: “Basic child security is one, if not the main socio-political project of the coalition,” emphasized Deligöz radically simplified the bureaucratic processes for various family benefits. “This makes it easier for millions of families and at the same time prevents hidden poverty,” she emphasized.

Last week, the Finance Ministry, led by the FDP, criticized the publication of the key points as a rush job and expressed financing concerns. The SPD and Greens then warned their coalition partner against blocking the reform.