While in Russia decide to expand or not the administrative responsibility for violation of silence at night, the dog has developed guidance on how to avoid barking dogs at night.

– in order to avoid night barking, the owner should be able to understand your pet and in time to calm him down. Usually, a correction can handle virtually any owner who understands training,- said the President of the Russian cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev.

If the dog barks, left home alone, the pet should gradually be accustomed to endure loneliness. It is important that this occurred at home and was done incrementally – starting with a minute or two later and leaving an hour or two, and so on up to 8-10 hours. Gradually, the dog will get used to be in “wait and see attitude” when the owner comes back, open her door, caress and play.

the Reason for barking may be hiding behind the lack of regular physical activity. Plenty Nagashima and around the dog house will be to relax and not look for something to occupy. On average, a dog to walk at least two hours a day.

unfortunately, a very common cause of hard to handle barking is neurosis associated with the weak mentality of the animal. The dog can adapt to being alone, fearful of – “discharges” in Lae. In this case, you must look for an individual approach: helping someone covered with a cloth cage, which gives the dog a sense of security. Sometimes a feeling of comfort creates another animal nearby, for example, the cat.