– look, Look – Ilyukhin house floated, those are the words that residents of the Moscow region Ruza in the late evening greeted the release of from the banks of the river Gorodenka. Perepelytsya rainfall, the river broke through the dam and flowed in a new direction using the private residential sector. Two houses were demolished completely, another 29 were flooded. “We’re outside the house, under the bridge – toilets, coop, tools, garden… Flooded all the equipment at home. Fortunately, the house survived,” says local resident Elena shipitsyna. But Gorodenka not only took people’s pens and refrigerators, but also destroyed the four roads so that from one part of Rusa to another can be reached, only making a detour of 50 kilometers. The authorities were forced to declare in the urban district a state of emergency.

Only patched holes in Ruza, Mozhaysk flooded. There because the rain washed away the road remained without communication with the outside world, the inhabitants of three villages and several horticultural associations. Those who live near water bodies recommended to be ready to evacuate if the sky will not cease to pour. Fortunately, the next day the precipitation had almost stopped.

no Doubt, the sky this summer, is clearly leaking. “But it’s not the amount of rainfall to be able to talk about a serious deviation from the climatic norm, – the chief specialist of the capital’s weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova. Yes, summer is rainy, but not abnormal”. Why is everyone so mercilessly drown? Flooded even near Moscow capital Moscow who had never complained about the excess water. This municipality has been particularly affected by the settlement of Nakhabino.

And causes flooding different. “For example, in SNT “the River” in Nakhabino flooded cottages built in the 30-meter zone from the river Graseby”, – said the Deputy of the Krasnogorsk city Council Roman Volodin. Soviet sanitary norms forbade such buildings – houses were to be built not closer than 50 meters from water, and coastal areas were allowed to keep only the gardens without buildings. But people slowly lined up, especially that mud usually didn’t give them a reason to worry. Nobody could have imagined that in the summer of 2020 precipitation is more than usual.

And it also happens. “We are on the street along the houses are drainage ditches, for which, as it turned out, a long time no one was watching, – says the resident of a private house in Istria Vladimir Kuznetsov. – When beginning to fill in, asked for help to the local authorities. Here and found out that some neighbors of the ditch are overgrown, have sampsonidis, and other they are generally asleep, and then poured concrete. Moreover, we heat a little every year, but usually there is standing water puddles in the lowlands, and this year, evenly has risen almost to the knee.”

Can anyone guarantee that such rains, which have already walked Ruza and Mozhaisk, no longer? No. This means that the residents of the privatethe CSO sector should remember a few rules, which in the case will save them from the big water.

Keep clean gutters and pipes. They need to be regularly cleaned of leaves and other debris. Under drains is better to put the barrel so that water does not spill on the site.

the same rule applies to drainage ditches around a house or land. If they are, they in no event cannot be filled, otherwise the water will not accumulate in the ditches and on the land. Water drainage during heavy rains will also help trenches dug between the raised beds or along paths.

Regularly check the roof, walls, doors and window frames in the house. During a rainstorm, even a small defect can cause leakage and property damage. For this reason, we recommend that you close the vents in adverse weather forecasts.

If heavy rains for several days, those who live near water, it would be good to collect the “alarming suitcase”: documents, medications, a change of clothes. This will help not to waste time in a possible evacuation. During a multi-day rains, the authorities can decide on the discharge of excess water from the reservoirs, and wanted to do in Mozhaisk. Evacuation is subject to all the nearby reservoirs residential zone.

the residents of the capital in apartment houses is another problem. Heavy rains damaged many private cars. Who will compensate the damage? The lawyer of GK “LEGAL” Cyril Gavriliev explains: first, the fact of damage must commit to an inspector or policeman, and then will need to find the organization responsible for maintenance of stormwater drainage. There should be a written claim, and if the utility will not solve the problem the world will have to go to court. There is likely to appoint examination. If it turns out that the drain was clogged, then the service company will be billed. But if it was a cataclysm on which the stormwater drainage is not calculated, – selyava, repair the engine themselves.


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