The fight against the coronavirus the clinic will receive drugs and equipment to 100 million rubles

To combat coronavirus regional hospital will receive from the Federal budget, medicines and medical equipment worth 100 million rubles. This was during a meeting of the coordinating Council under the Government of Russia on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection reported by the head of Government of Russia Mikhail Mishustin. Participation the meeting was attended by Sergey Sobyanin.

Part of the property, he said, will go to medical institutions of the regions which need it more now, and will be partially transferred to the Ministry of defence to equip the under construction hospitals.

Mikhail Mishustin also noted that during the struggle with coronavirus infection should not remain without the help of people with other diseases, including rare and severe disease. Drugs for such patients, the Government will allocate an additional two billion rubles.

For the implementation of measures to support the economy and social sphere already allocated hundreds of billions of rubles. “It is important that these substantial funds as quickly as possible to reach specific recipients: families with children, the unemployed, small and medium enterprises. People don’t want loud statements, and direct financial assistance,” — said the Prime Minister.

to Control how quickly are brought appropriate measures of support to citizens and organizations,Mikhail Mishustin instructed the heads of ministries and departments, as well as regional governors.

“in Parallel, the regions will be an Express survey to be as objective as possible picture of whether people promised them assistance, to what extent and in what time frame and what needs to be done from both the Federal Government and governors. Also instruct the Government office for monitoring the increase of budgetary funds”, — said Mikhail Mishustin.

Help in lending in the capital adopted the third package of measures to support biznesledi, deferral and tax breaks: as will protect the business during coronavirus

non-working days due to the spread of COVID-19 extended until April 30. All the capital’s residents, regardless of age, should stay home. To leave the place of residence only when applying for emergency medical assistance and other direct threat of life and health for a hike in the nearest store or the pharmacy, walking the dog, taking out the garbage, as well as travel to and from work (for those who are obliged to attend).

the city closed entertainment venues, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants. Work as usual only to grocery stores, pharmacies, pet shops, services, delivery outlets and stores, shops where you can buy necessities.

be observe a minimum distance of five feet. This requirement does not apply to taxi journeys.

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease is possible by phone of hot line: +7 (495) 870-45-09 (daily from 08:00 to 21:00), and special projects