Blogger Balkovskaya Alexander, known as Sasha Spielberg, told the followers that she and her young man fell ill with middle East respiratory syndrome.

Sasha posted a photo of her and her friend are holding tests for coronavirus with positive results.

“we Have confirmed the coronavirus… the Last few days were in a haze, we even could not imagine that sick – was sure that I had the common cold. Symptoms both have different weight and we are quarantined until August 25,” wrote the blogger.

Sasha asked followers a question – would be interesting to them a detailed story about her illness online?

“I consider it my duty to share in your content expertise about the disease and how it is unpredictable. I have the strongest symptoms has already passed, but Parul is still temperature and fatigue. In General, we keep the Cams for Me to shoot a vlog about how we have a virus? Write in the comments if so!”

Members responded that first and foremost I wish Sasha and Parul speedy recovery. But the vlog, of course, interested in…

“Yes…I’d like a vlog,but then how to write koment thought, stupid me ,after important health, hang in there Sasha!”, “Shoot often, Sash…To know how you’re doing, if all goes well…”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, a well-known blogger has become the new leading reality show “Dom-2”.

The star of the social networks included in the top ten most popular bloggers of the Runet will become a colleague Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina — it will hold two Calvary on the project.

Publish from SASHA SPILBERG (@sashaspilberg) 14 Aug 2020 4:15 PDT