the Transition from junk food to a healthy diet will help a person to reduce the amount of food that happens because of the restoration of taste buds. This was stated by the doctor of medical Sciences, author of “#Kettiya. There is fat you can!” Basil’s Generals.

According to him, for the amount of food eaten and also meet taste buds, among other things. They help to enjoy the meals, and also affect the feeling of satiety. When they cease to function properly, the person eats more and more to feel the taste. The cause of the failure according to the expert, the quality of the food.

the fact that modern semi-finished products rich with preservatives, these chemical shades affect the receptors.

“the Conspiracy theory is that the lower you threshold of taste sensitivity, the more you will consume the foods, and the more you consume, the better it is food companies”, – explained radio Sputnik Generals.

in order to restore the taste buds, it is necessary to refuse products that cause food addiction. That is, the expert suggests to use fewer semi-finished products and fast food that helps cleanse the receptors.

“we Need to go for natural products based on meat, eggs, fish and green salads. You will feel that the usual tomato or cucumber can also be sweet,” explained the doctor.

the New taste sensations from familiar dishes will be a reward for cleaning the receptors. When you eat large quantities of confectionery products person as the addict increases the dose of carbohydrates, its sensitivity to sugar was falling. When the person stops to use the sweet, the receptors begin to feel the sugar even where the person did not know what it is.