“After the appearance of patients in Russia, we have identified the strains of the coronavirus, they are now we have over 100,” said media General Director NPO “the Vector” Rinat Maksyutov. What to expect from the virus that creates the number of copies? Is that a normal process or a sign of abnormality? This browser “MK” said renowned infectious disease specialist, Professor Nikolai Malyshev.

Nikolai, that the new coronavirus as rapidly forms new strains, fits into the scheme of regular behavior of the virus?

why not? Time goes by, new strains are formed. Large differences between strains of coronavirus, although they are a hundred, no. And basically, I think the vaccine, which will make in the end, will be applicable to all. Although, I must say, that is, that differences in virus strains require different vaccines. For example, take the meningococcus: the virus has different strains in different countries, and vaccines also differ. But as the strains of the novel coronavirus identified in our territory, the vaccine is made for them.

— whether the disease depend on the strain of virus that has infected people? Or does the likelihood of serious complications is largely determined by the genetics of the patient?

— What is the disease? This interaction of macro – and microorganisms. And macro-organisms and micro have their own characteristics. Each person is different – and from the point of view of genetics, and from the point of view of history. It is well known that all vaccination (any) leads to the production of antibodies to the disease. This is a General rule. So the characteristics of the body depends very much.

— And the characteristics of strain — less?

No! Again, the interaction of organisms. And features can be available to all, including the microorganisms, which are viruses. So each contact is on an individual scenario. And this applies not only to coronaviruses, and many others. For example, before we had a vaccine for cholera. But it worked exactly six months. I went on business trips to Africa, Asia, cholera-endemic country – and all of us planted. And then decided that it was futile. Now this vaccine is not.

But cholera is there?

— many countries In the world where there is cholera. The reason was rather in the failure of the vaccine, which also was not a long-term, not in the fact that the disease has suddenly ceased to be dangerous. In the current situation is also not clear that it would be for the vaccine and when. And opinions of doctors and scientists on this issue are contradictory.

— Researchers from the University of Barcelona announced that he had discovered the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in samples of wastewater of the city, taken in spring of 2019. “These findings suggest that the infection was much earlyshe than became aware of the first case COVID-19 in the world,” – said in the message that is opened on the website of the University. It turns out, the virus is still not new?

— anything can happen! Now on the new coronavirus appear daily fresh publication. Wrote here recently that it can be transmitted through river water, which I consider highly unlikely. As for the Spanish study, it is not entirely clear that it was for the sample water, then suddenly have them investigated. As far as I know the virus is found in the sewers, and there can, if desired, lot to find.

— But then it turns out that people have seen with SARS-CoV-2 well before a pandemic is declared?

— it can be. Talking about it, and the French and the Spaniards. In Europe a huge number of visitors, the virus could be imported from anywhere.

— And theoretically his homeland may be not China?

— In my opinion it is obvious. Every day more and more data, new data, and what I said three months ago doesn’t match what they say now. But in addition to coronavirus, there are plenty of other viruses. And they behave sometimes as strange. Especially if you thoroughly investigate all the circumstances.

…Meanwhile, in Rospotrebnadzor said that Russian scientists discovered a mutation of the coronavirus does not lead to significant changes in the properties COVID-19. Mutations of viruses can occur when infected each person, scientists need to monitor the variability of the virus, to be sure of the correct diagnosis of the disease, explained in a press-Department service. “The altered virus may not be recognized by existing diagnostic kits”, — explained in the CPS.