Little more than a month has passed since the introduction of the regime of self-isolation, deprived us of the usual rhythm of life and circle of friends. Almost all perceive the incident as an ordeal. People toil within four walls, looking forward to the lifting of restrictions. But can these difficulties be benefit us? Doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor of the Higher school of economy Vladimir Serkin, many years studying the experience of hermits living in the forest, told us what we could learn, without even waiting.

– For the unprepared person, the sudden isolation in which we all suddenly turned out to be is a challenge, a challenge of self-organization. What it is, let me explain a simple example. I’m sure many people remember the unexpected problems that arise in the transition from school to University. Suddenly very able pupils begin “no time” and even quit in their first year of study. This happens not due to the difference in the requirements at school and at University, and due to the fact that the University as such requirements seems to be no. In school tasks and control their execution is happening every day, and in the University every six months. And if the student was not able to organize their schedule-control study, he faced with great difficulties.

Now people in isolation had a very similar situation. After all, it was built in the life of a working person to quarantine? Many are accustomed to certain rituals. In the morning we washed, had Breakfast and went to work. At work on each assigned specific duties, and all must comply with them. At home after work, household duties, activities with children and sleep. In the morning all over again. And on weekends you can relax and do nothing. But here we are in a situation of quarantine, where it went this familiar look and organization of our lives. The first two or three days were like the weekend. Then a couple of weeks people going about their pending cases. And further still, nobody wants for anything, and you can do nothing. And here you get up in the morning and needs to organize himself. The habit is very difficult. But that’s the way people and Matures. The older a person is, the better his ability to self-organization.

– That is, we are suddenly given the opportunity to grow up?

– Exactly. When you’re a kid, you arranges for someone else from the outside, when you’re an adult, you can arrange yourself. We’ve been here almost a month, but many people fail to grow this organization. Months, oddly enough, for this little. Many friends complain that began to turn into a “psychological jellyfish”, constantly saying, “can No longer wish to work.” They need help.

– How to help those who can not handle himself? And whether they have time to “grow” this self-organization?

– the Quarantine has not yet taken off, so there is time. The advice is simple and at first the look is boring – it is necessary to set goals and make a schedule schedule. Let’s say for a week. And write it all down. Be on the computer or phone, but much better with a pen and paper. And it is important not just to create a work schedule and to calm down, and clear to implement it. And it is necessary to include not only diet, exercise, work and household chores, and rest, creativity, some previously unmet goals. To make such a graph yourself, to help to do the same to children. And all to fulfill it. It is clear that a hundred percent it do not work, but at least for seventy per cent. And maturity does not depend on age. Even 50-60 year old person got into the current situation can adequately take up the challenge and learn to move from external control to internal.

– But you actually have to do over a very large effort. But where to get so much willpower?

– is actually to do the work and don’t need any big effort. Need a few small. First just to start and work, say, five minutes. Then get involved, and for a time the work is itself. After the cycle is repeated. For example, in order to efficiently do three hours ‘ work, we must not all three hours strain will, say, only three times for five to ten minutes. It is important to understand it. In addition, for any business is always the right time. When I want to, or just thought to do something. It is very important to skip.

– You suggest to make the schedule myself, to help the child. But many people are so tired of sitting all together, without conflicts and can not communicate. What to do with it?

– This problem is familiar to people of professions that require long-term isolation from society. There is even a term “forwarding frenzy.” This is described many times in literature about life at polar stations, in geological expeditions. When people spend too much time in a closed communion, they are to each other begin to annoy, to start conflicts, abuse. In more severe situations, you will receive a physical impact. A good example is the moment in the film “How I ended this summer”, when the polar shows the young man the bullet holes in the ceiling. This is all the result of “forwarding rabies.” Now in terms of quarantine in city apartments, the situation is similar but there are differences. On the one hand, us is much easier – there is a TV, Internet, they take some of the load. But on the other hand, is more complicated – people closed in a small space. As in a space ship or a submarine. But there are people specially trained, but not here. People learn again to share a familiar living space. Let’s even talk about space-time. To share their account as a whole. Pros��Oh and the living example is just one computer in the family of three. And all three of them suddenly had new needs. Child have to attend lessons online, dad and mom work “on distance” and holding regular meetings.

– And how in such cases to negotiate?

– first, of course, be more tolerant and helpful to each other than before. It must be remembered that it is difficult not only to you but to others. And then just split the usage time of the working tool. But if you work on the computer you can paint for hours, to share the apartment itself is much more complicated. This, too, has to learn anew. Even in a small apartment it is possible to allocate zones to communicate with each other and personal for everyone. Even a tiny. And try not to disturb them. As well as time for socializing and a time when every “by itself”. All these skills will be useful and then, when the quarantine will be removed. The same computer will be easier to understand. For example, a child who all day Saturday sitting in front of him, will now be prepared for the fact that the tool may need someone else, and it should be released. There will be less conflicts.

it Turns out that the self-isolation and will contribute to the benefit?

I wouldn’t say that. Man must walk, the lack of walks is hypoxia, the lack of ventilation. Besides, while walking in Sunny weather, the body actively produces the important for our immunity vitamin D.

What to do? After all, to leave apartments still strongly recommended.

– to Perform physical exercises. Every day. We must begin, of course, gently, “without fanaticism”, to observe elementary safety precautions. If you are an athlete, train with small weights, small reps, but every day increase the load. Exercise to repeat many times, fifty, a hundred, if I can. Some exercises can be the case even sitting in a chair in front of the TV. The main thing is to increase the number gradually. Do push-UPS, sit-UPS, do any basic exercises. This somehow compensates for the lack of the usual training, and it’s “the blood drive” in the literal sense. Immunity no load “fray” at all! Both children and adults. And in the current situation a good immune system is needed most. Therefore, it is necessary in your schedule to include exercise.

– And if a person during this time learned nothing: neither to organize nor to negotiate with loved ones?

– Then he can only wish for no more casualties to survive until the end of quarantine. But in fact such a clean “no” will not almost no one. How, after all this month people have lived, then, something is still learned. Of course, in such situations, the inevitable conflicts, unsuccessful attempts, even serious problems. But as a result of this quarantine still many will be more organized, learned a bit better to communicate with each other. So, a little older.

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