The Eurogroup failed negotiations of a

it was Assumed that the financial mechanisms of the European Union (the European stability mechanism, the European investment Bank and the actual budget of the European Commission) on support of businessmen, farmers and unemployed will be allocated an unprecedented huge amount – half a trillion euros. Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen was named considering the amount of “new Marshall plan” for the Old world.

Photo: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls Scientists In Britain will be the biggest in Europe the number of victims of coronavirus

As wrote in his Twitter head of the Eurogroup, the Finance Minister of Portugal, Mario Centeno and his colleagues “were close to a deal, but had not yet reached her.”

the continuation of the negotiations scheduled for Thursday. The experts noted that simple they will not be – too great a divide on conventional lines “North – South”. In particular, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands opposed the release of the so-called “coronamento”, which insists the nine countries, led by Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Earlier in an interview with “RG” German political scientist Alexander Rahr confirmed: Berlin was not ready to take on the debt burden of the South.

“the Pressure on Germany is increasing. I do not exclude that I will go to open blackmail. We see that Spain and Italy have changed the tone of the negotiations, insistently demanding assistance from the Germans. Perhaps the current situation will be a major test of strength for the European Union”, – said the source “RG”.