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16 hours of talks members of the Eurogroup failed parties are unable to agree on a plan to rescue economies from the effects of the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to experts, on 9 April, the negotiations will not be easy - too great a divide between North and South EU
Workers more than a dozen shops of the leading chains of grocery stores in Belgium went on strike, demanding from employers higher wages and additional measures for the protection of personnel during a pandemic coronavirus in the EU
The European Commission is urged not to restrict the movement of seasonal workers during a pandemic coronavirus. These persons should be equated to the categories that are important for the security of the EU
In Europe, ended the season with the traditional carnival, which is jokingly referred to as "the fifth season". Not without scandals: some need to reconsider the acceptable "dress code" for holiday, others lament that political correctness erodes laugh culture, which was so proud of Europe
In Belgium the leader of the opposition party "New Flemish Alliance" Bart de Waiver unknown sent by mail to a powder. Likely to spook.

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