what Happened to 26-year-old Alexei Tinaevym from Novosibirsk is a shock. 12 days the guy had a fever over 38. Doctors determined SARS and imposed a quarantine. Despite the pain in his side, on a survey to send refused. When Alexis began shortness of breath, he violated the prescriptions, went for x-rays. It turned out that he had left-sided pneumonia and a pneumothorax and required emergency surgery. All night he drove from one hospital to another. And the result is sent… a taxi home.

He again called for an ambulance. And only thanks to the persistence of the guy and his family at 7 in the morning, he finally ended up in the house. In the evening he made a puncture.

that they had to endure during those two weeks, told his mother, Svetlana odinaeva.

In early may, my 26-year-old son fell ill side – says Svetlana. He’s with his wife and two young children lives separately from us. On 4 may, when temperature rose, they called the house doctor. The doctor looked and determined that his throat is red, said it was most likely SARS. Moreover, in mild. Prescribed antiviral medication and advised me to buy cough drops. Their entire family was put on quarantine, it was made an appropriate decision.

the Temperature at Alexey is not abated, the pain in his side was growing stronger. Three more times they called from the clinic of the doctor. The first two doctors listened to Alexis, said his lungs clean. Like, okay, the guy is young, no pneumonia, no. Only the third doctor heard some sobbing in the lungs. Discharged the ACC and antibiotics.

– did Not insist on examination?

Insisted. The son requested that he did the tests, sent for x-ray. The therapist said, let’s wait the antibiotics take effect in 72 hours. If by Monday the fever doesn’t break, try to prescribe more powerful drugs. We believe in the doctors. I decided to wait.

– Test for coronavirus you are not asked to do?

– No, although they asked about it. Son said that there is no evidence. He and his wife wanted to do the test independently, for a fee. Called in a private clinic, but they refused, saying that if you have the symptoms of SARS, you quarantine, we such patients do not leave. Only after our repeated appeals to the Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor, may 13 still came in and took the test.

As Alexey has began wheezing, shortness of breath. It turned out that he was “arrested,” the house was closed for quarantine to go anywhere he was not able to do tests, x-rays. But they refused to examine him as to be hospitalized. Just a stalemate.

– And Alex broke the quarantine?

– And what could I do? The temperature was kept for 12 days. It was necessary to understand what was happening to him. May 14, son of��rule on x-ray. Full protection, mask, gloves. Thank God there were good people, helped.

the result of x-rays it turned out that Alexei left-sided pneumonia and a pneumothorax is an abnormal accumulation of air and fluid in the pleural space. Radiologists told my son that required urgent hospitalization.

He tried appealed to the regional hospital, it refused to accept.

– Called “fast”?

– When the son returned home, they called an ambulance. The car had to wait 6 hours. The ambulance arrived at 21.00. In ward 11 of the hospital he was at 00.10. There he was mocked, mocked. It is not clear whether surgery they weren’t there, whether there were any difficulties.

But in the end Alexei was taken to the regional hospital. There he again refused hospitalization. And in the ambulance he was sent to hospital No. 3 at Mukhacheva, the Obges. It was about 3.00 am. He sat there in the emergency room with high fever, he even sublingual tablet was not given. Then said it was not their profile, and of the son in a taxi with a temperature of 38.3 sent home.

Alexey was someone from the family?

– a Son was one. The wife stayed at home with young children. He took pity on me. Still, the epidemic of the coronavirus, the son was worried about us. But the night terrors continued. Son was getting worse, and worse, calling a taxi, he went to the regional hospital. From 4.00 am to 6.30 we sought admission.

When Alex finally got in the house?

at seven In the morning. It placed separately, there is a “yellow” zone. Son has been here all day. During this time, he took tests, a test for the coronavirus. Despite the fact that he urgently needed to do drainage in light to pump water and air. I understand that waiting for test result. It turned out to be negative.

And the results of that test that he did back home, never came. And Alex finally made a puncture, pumped out the liquid. By the time I have put a post on the social network, talked about everything going on with his son, about the callousness of the doctors. Raised “wave”, and apparently this has played its role. Today Alex took a picture, transferred it from the “yellow” zone in the thoracic Department. Now waiting for the doctor, what he has to say.

That is why this could not be done immediately? Why the son had to go through all the circles of hell?