Popular in Japan infectious disease physician Akihiro Sato estimated the probability of a second wave of the spread of coronavirus infection. About it writes RIA Novosti.

According to him, the probability is 90 percent. “Moreover, if the second wave does not happen, we consider ourselves lucky,” he said, noting that to determine when it comes, is very difficult.

the Medic suggested that the second wave are likely to be in autumn or winter, however, it may happen that it will come in July or August. While Sato did not agree with the opinion that in the summer of the second wave can not be the virus or will disappear in the summer.

“In Asia, in Thailand, in South America, in Brazil, of infection occur, despite the heat,” reminded the doctor. He also doubted that the spread of coronavirus depends on air temperature or humidity.

a Major sign that the second wave came COVID-19, not a single flash, is, in the opinion of the physician, the simultaneous occurrence of foci of infection in different regions of the country.

one of the main dangers of the second wave is that the majority of the population is ill with novel coronavirus infection. Therefore, if there is a sharp increase in diseases and the health system will not have time to react, it will lead to an increase in fatalities. The other concern is the mutation of the virus. The physician did not rule out that if this happens, the infection can become more deadly.

However, according to him, there are positive factors. “If the second wave will be less than the first, it will be largely due to the fact that we know more and more responsible,” he said.

Earlier, the world health organization (who) called the timing of the second wave of coronavirus. As stated by the Director of the regional office of the organization in Europe, Hans Kluge, the second wave may start in September and coincide with the spread of seasonal flu. In this case, the situation will aggravate that in some countries, regular vaccination was interrupted due pandemic COVID-19.