Immunologist, expert in public health and international health, candidate of medical Sciences Nikolay Kryuchkov in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” compared the deaths from the coronavirus and other infections and diseases.

According to him, in the first place is the mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases, there is a high mortality associated with cancer, in particular lung cancer.

The doctor also compared the statistics of mortality when infected by rotavirus and coronavirus, a new type. According to him, the rotavirus is a problem in the first place poor countries with a warm climate. For Russia, this is also a problem, but to a much lesser extent.

In poorer countries, the mortality from rotavirus in the world is from 0.05 percent to 0.09 percent, while in poorer countries it can reach up to 2 percent.

“During coronavirus infection, according to my most optimistic projections, the mortality rate in the world 2 percent,” said Hooks.

The specialist said that one of the most good performance in Germany, where the figure is 3.5 percent.

The doctor explained that the situation with the rotavirus is under control, and the number of deaths from the coronavirus is now increasing, due to the fact that there is a rise in infections.

He also noted that in the world there are other dangerous infections, but many of them can be prevented. However, COVID-19 vaccine yet, reminded of Hooks.

At the end of April, the official representative of the information center for the coronavirus, the doctor Alexander Myasnikov predicted the world another epidemic, more deadly than the current pandemic. He noted that the situation with coronavirus will help the world better prepare for new epidemics.